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Discord and Fluttershy

Discord: Hey friend, want to go on an adventure?
Fluttershy: Okay.

* Me and you and you and me
* No matter how they toss the dice, it has to be
* The only one for me is you, and you for me
* So happy together

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I can show you the world. 
Shining, shimmering splendid. 

Surprised no one made this joke yet. 
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best couple ever Es increible! 
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Discord Icon Look Fluttershy it's a Frog
Fluttershy dance Ooh factinating
Fluttershy belly is so precious i want to give it a belly rubLove 

I don't have issuesTOP Crazy 
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Oh my goodness, this is adorable!!
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aw fluttercord 4ever
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"I can see your cottage from here! Also, Appleloosa, Manehattan, Canterlot, Cloudsdale...even right into your little friend Dashie's place! And she has guests! Soarin and Spitfire, I do believe, and they-...ohdear..."
"What? What is it?"
::he clicks his fingers and equips FS with head-mounted, super-strong binoculars::
"Y'got that right, kiddo. Even with all my powers, I could never twist myself like that without popping a scale out of joint!"
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Ha ha to me this looks like discord sees the ice cream truck down there and he's like:OOHHHH  CAN WE GETZ ONE. PLEASE I  PROMISE I WONT ASK  FOR ANYTHING ELSE EVER!!!
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Aaaaawww poor Fluttershy. I'm scared of heights too so I totally feel her pain.
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Look at her smile....
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A smile that can melt hearts:lovehurts: sigh hug 
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I love these two. This is adorable.
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Here's an insteresting thought, what if discord is star swirled the bearded? Star swirled wanted to live for a long time so he drank something that would make him live a long time, but the side affects made him to what we see today. We can also have an assistant to last see him and transform! =D
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um mister creator i need a favor could u let me use this pic for a comic i made i posted it if u like it ill keep it if not ill take it down but i just ask plz let me use it i think youll like it i put it to good use
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