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Discord Lamp

Possible lines:
- At least it's not a maid outfit
- It's powered by chaos!
- The brightest bulb in the herd
- The sexy leg lamp has nothing on me!
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I want that lamp sooo bad. Love 
gryph7's avatar
"It's powered by chaos!"
resotii's avatar
haha that expression... it's hilarious! awesome lamp! :XD:
Mafon's avatar
«Powered by chaos» Khorn will be pleased.
bunnypop009's avatar
what de friggen heck i dint even need to sleep to night anyway   :cor blimey: Emote: Edward swtLlama Emoji 41 (Sleepy) [V2]  emmplz (fixed) 
Ponkool4's avatar
Awesome! I always loved that lamp!
wackko200's avatar
LOL! It's that lamp again!:) I really want one!
Windspeed8's avatar
Best lamp in the history of lamps and there is probably some really badass laps out there
Envirotech's avatar
hehe nice!!  I thought De Lancie had a Discord lamp, but that's because it was a Discord figure in front of a lamp XD   But still, it would be awesome and very profitable to have Discord lamps available XD hehe   Very cool art!
jyroman53's avatar
I'll trade ye every stout shako I'll have for dis !
GUILLE832's avatar
Hasbro, you´d better start producing those lamps right now!
drax99's avatar
Now I want one...
ChaosTaco's avatar
Ahhhhhh yes the sexy leg lamp. :iconishipitplz:
LovelyDragoness's avatar
I thought that Discord lamp would be a one time gag.
My gawd those people.
XxRainbowDashRulesxX's avatar
I want a discord lamp now
Equestria-Golden's avatar
i´d like one of those !!!
mbrsart's avatar
I need one of these IRL.
ArtofTreasure99's avatar
I wish I owned that lamp...Awesome work!!
Dr-Neumes's avatar
Was the lamp vender a fandom OC? His color scheme seemed kind of out of place.
Not exactly. The pony was voiced by a teen with SMA. The pony is apparently his own.
Dr-Neumes's avatar
Well that's pretty cool. Good for him!
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