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Derpy the Mail Pony

"Don't lose that mail Derpy."
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She's on the job!
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I looove Derpy!!
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I love Derpy so much. <3
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Your icon goes nicely with your comment. :D
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"You told me to lose the mail."


" bad."

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If her bubble cutie mark refers to bubble wrap to make her a mailmare, surely that requires her to be good at it.
Why do people so often present her as incompetent?
It's pretty well established in canon - it's part of her character. The Last Roundup and DerpyGate was all about that, but it's in other episodes as well.

Derpy appears with intentionally crossed eyes in Feeling Pinkie Keen; when Twilight spies on Pinkie Pie, a series of objects falls on her head: a flower pot, an anvil, a cart of hay and finally a piano. A camera pan reveals that the items were dropped by Derpy and Raindrops, who are hovering next to a movers' truck.

WRT 'bubble wrap', her cutie mark wasn't from Faust. As she mentioned here on dA when asked about Derpy: "Background ponies have no name, and their butt symbols are picked at random."

The job as mailmare wasn't (isn't?) canon, either:…

Most notable of these short stories is Bright Eyes written by Manefag, which gave her the job of delivering the mail.
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I feel that she is generally wildly mishandled bye both show and fandom. And Faust's will is completely irrelevant now.

There's a lot of potential for a really strong character in her - primarily concerning Dinky - but people prefer to just make her the whimsical retard.
Derpygate was our punishment for this.
Ah, sorry, I was just trying to clarify her backstory and history, esp. WRT bubbles/bubblewrap / mailmare being non-canon. Since she appeared in S1E1, Faust was the voice of canon for her initially.

In terms of where the fandom has taken her, esp. WRT Dinky, I find her flaws endearing, and outside of Dashie's treatment of her in The Last Roundup (well, and Winter Wrap-Up), I think it's good to see that Ponyville society remain inclusive.

Certainly it can be argued that she lacks nuance as-is and may be a Christmas special martyr as Snowblind puts it, but I think Faust's take on it, while she is fully clear that this is the fandom's character, she can provide the Harpo Marks slapstick-y character.

To reiterate, though, my initial response was based on the incorrect assumption that you were speaking of Derpy's canon background, so I apologize. :)
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One does not simply be mad at Derpy...
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Yay, new wallpaper! :-)
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