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Derpy on a Bubble

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this is so simple yet soo adorable! :heart:
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its not gonna pop, its her special talent or at least related to it =p
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derpy hooves icon I just don't know what went wrong :excited: 
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one shouldnt over use an over powered line by her
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This is the most awesome thing on the internet today.

My life is now complete.

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Great drawing!
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She is the best at bubble.
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Derpy on a bubble... Yep, seems legit and nice... and legit... Muffin.
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That's what Derpy's all about, it's why bubbles are her cutie mark.
Elegant in their simplicity, a weightless lifeforce of purest innocence. It' mere existence a work of art, ultimately doomed to end in the most spectacular devastation. In an instant the serenity of such delicacy shatters to reveal the fragile nature that is . . . Derpy.
[link] Just in case you're still not convinced.
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Damn bro, that was deep. :3
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She floats! I'm waiting for it to pop and see if she thinks to fly....
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Wow, it doesn't pop. :o
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its her special talent maybe
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Amazing! So cute!
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