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Day in the Lives of the Royal Sisters 25

This is the last page of the series so far until I can come up with some more ideas. It's also a reason why it's slightly super serious in this page. Until then, I will be doing comics that's not part of this series.
Again, if you want to see comics early, you can pledge your support at

You can now purchase Day in the Lives of the Royal Sisters art pack at which includes pages 1-25 in high resolution and an option to get the extras which has unreleased wallpaper versions of most of the pages and 3 cut pages that never made it into the series. 

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Are you making more of this comic
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Tell me, Luna, have you heard the tale of Darth Faust?
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I have no idea what to say but amazingly hilarious. This series was just amazing for too many reasons XD
That was a surprisingly serious little talk about arranging for a series of disasters to spice up your party.
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I'd say it's a good thing Lulu is more open than Celly. The ponies need a princess they know will be frank with them. 

Cadence, "But auntie! You said I was supposed to be the people's princess!" 
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when you said frank, you meant blunt to the point of complete transparency, right?
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I have no idea. I've forgotten even making this comment. 
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Brilliant! Such a shame it's the last page, I could use more, much more.
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Such a good way to end the comic, but I do hope you make more in the future. I loved these comics.
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when they start gettin deep. lel
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She doesn't want to admit that she is bored.
So... Chessmaster Celestia, or just a parody?
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MLP Princess Celestia (Super Cereal) Plz :iconsaysplz: In time, you will call me master.

For some reason, that last panel reminded me of Emperor Palpatine's line.
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I actually find the remark, "For the sake of Equestria, we can not be open about certain subjects" refreshingly open in and of itself.  And oddly amusing.
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"Until then, you're insane and conniving."
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Foresight, sure Celestia. Sure. :XD:
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This is how I've always seen Celestia
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The ends justify the means, Celestia?
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Princess Luna  You´re just boring, don´t you?
Celestia hates Luna I need excitement, ok? Celestia is mentally crushed icon  Reign Equestria is so dullness
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Celestia secretly has the show on DVD and knows these events will go well.
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