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Day in the Lives of the Royal Sisters 04

I did it just for the faces

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Day in the Lives of the Royal Sisters 03 by mysticalphaDay in the Lives of the Royal Sisters 05 by mysticalpha

Day in the Lives of the Royal Sisters is a comic series following the activities of Celestia and Luna. 

It is created in a simpler style and may be filled with popular headcanon and memes so you get to see the back alley of royal living.
Each page will be posted monthly.

If you want to see future pages early, please consider becoming a patron at where not only will you get high resolution versions of this comic series, you'll get a wallpaper from one of the panels.

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I'm gonna pretend this didn't happen

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The royal bathroom must have a Royal Throne
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Celestia on her throne.
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This and other comments is why there should be a like button.
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The Quesadilla effect
Lunadreaming's avatar
Tia that's the way to fast track yourself to hemorrhoids.
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Oh wow...

I can't... unsee it...
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She needs the Squatty Potty.  =D
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gives new definition to the term "HOLY SHIT"
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GIF My little pony - Ba Dum Tss  >> buh dum tssss <<
K4nK4n's avatar
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:iconshiningarmorplz: "That's what happens when you pig out on donuts... -.-;"
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The look on her face at the end.
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royal illness? keep up the good work mystic. 
I'd say something inappropriate about that last face, but I'm sure I've made the same face at some point after dropping a big one. I'll not be a hypocrite right now.
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It feels good when crap comes out. Isn't it, dear Celly? :)
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This is a shitty comic :D.
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Riiiiggghhhtttt..... :XD:
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