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Day in the Lives of the Royal Sisters 03


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Day in the Lives of the Royal Sisters 02 by mysticalpha Day in the Lives of the Royal Sisters 04 by mysticalpha

Day in the Lives of the Royal Sisters is a comic series following the activities of Celestia and Luna. 

It is created in a simpler style and may be filled with popular headcanon and memes so you get to see the back alley of royal living.

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this is not how Tia a set Lulu to the moon, no Canon is powerful enough to set a pony to the moon, is the Element of Harmony, not a Canon, a Canon is war weapon destroy your enemy army... is still surprise me how Pinkie a turn one to a Party Canon but is still a weapon... plus all the joke of TO THE MOON is funny first but do it again and again is no longer funny, but some fan do again and again and do not see is no longer funny

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Princess Luna will become her own moon if she eats enough. :XD:
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seems like Celestia must get fat cause they way she eats cake and all
GeneralRommel64's avatar
at first i thought it was a ripoff of a 88mm Flak
Setakarn's avatar
I thought Celestia used the magical keyboard xD
Soobel's avatar
Its actually inspiried me to do that thing:
And so? by Soobel
Lofisuniverse's avatar
Nightmare moon has returned
katarjin's avatar
Celestia just wants to feel that power between her legs.
Coora's avatar
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Haha! Well, I can't blame you, Luna... that's a good reason to get fat :XD: :XD: :XD:
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This is cannon.
MLPFiM-Addict's avatar
Am I the only one here who snickered at the comment
"let it go sister."

Let It Go Elsa Deal With It - Elsa (Icon) Anna  Frozen icon Dancing Elsa Snow Party frozen elsa icon 
mysticalpha's avatar
I was hoping someone would notice that.
kabhes's avatar
is that how she got on the moon and who is moon puncher?
Chara-jones's avatar
A cannon to lauch her away I think
Envirotech's avatar
XD the way Celestia is sitting on the cannon is just hilarious!! XD  most awesome comic!! 
Chara-jones's avatar
Daunting fans, holding the secrets to make ships real, it's the holy grail of fandoms, the....cannon
Sporeman2678's avatar
You could say that this is... Cannon 
Icecream6789's avatar
re coloring pics are we XD
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