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Cutie Mark Crusaders - Little Angels 16.9

16.9 version
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Ooooookaaaay..........What did explode?
E-M-E-R-L's avatar
now lets place a background of either Applejacks house, or Rarity's, as a total mess xD
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left: Scootaloo
Middle: Sweetie Bell
Right: AppleBloom
GamerTame's avatar
Sweetie belle*

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I feature your wonderful deviation here [link]
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D'awwwww. Are you three in some kind of trouble gain?!
GeneralCloudhammer's avatar
*pats their heads* So what'd you three do this time? *long-suffering sigh*
deviantstorms's avatar
Don't trust those halos.
DarkHoofB's avatar
Lakita-lover's avatar
They broke something, didn't they?
Phenometron's avatar
I love their innocent smiles.
Unstable-Goat's avatar
Alright... foal up, what did you do this time and what do I have to fix?
jakewashere's avatar
Oh, God, what did they do this time?
Mickey-the-Luxray's avatar
They're trying to hide the fact that they read Sonic's last One Night Stand

Please make them worm their way into my dreams. I'm gonna have a nightmare because of that...
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