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Cloudzapper YCH

UPDATE: All slots are now taken. 

This is a commission for Cloudzapper8 and also a YCH (Your Character Here) picture. He's offering it up as a YCH picture for me to auction out. 

Here's some information:
- Cloudzappers's OC will have to be in the picture
- Posing and structure of the characters remains the same so if your OC has princess body type, then it's not going to fit
- Manes, tails and color of your OC will be applied. Eyes will be allowed to change if different from the placeholder characters
- Furry hoofs (like big mac's) on the colt placeholder character can be applied
- The Royal Guard armor stays. No clothing or accessories can be added unless it doesn't interfere with the armor such as bows in mane, earrings, etc.
- There are 2 colts and 2 mares in the picture. 1 is already taken by Cloudzapper. Changing the gender of any of the placeholder characters will not happen
- You must have clear references

Auction info:
- Starting bid: $1
- Minimum bid: $1
- Auto buy: $20
- Start bidding by replying to my comment for any character slot
- Outbidding another bid works by replying to a previous bidder's bid

- EDIT: When autobuying, reply with a comment with intent to autobuy. If there are any bids for a slot, reply to the last bidder. Send me a note with your email immediately after your comment so I can send you a paypal invoice for the autobuy amount. Once I send you an invoice, you have 6 hours to pay it. I will do this for whoever posts an autobuy comment first. If you send me a note without commenting or commenting first and someone comments before you do, your note does not count as preceding someone else's comment. If the autobuyer does not pay within 6 hours, I'll move on to the next autobuyer, if any. Autobuy will only happen if the current bid for the slot is lower than the autobuy price. If the current bid is higher than the autobuy price, the autobuyer will have to autobuy it 1 minimum bid higher than the current bid.

- Auction for a character slot ends 3 days after the first bid and no more bidding will be allowed after I post a reply to the winning bidder for that slot
- If there are no bids at all on any slot, auction will end in 3 days (posted 3/28, 5:45PM est)
- If there are bids on any slot and the auction for the last slot with bids to end has ended, any slot with no bids will end in 3 days after that
- Any slots with no bids that has ended will be replaced with a canon character chosen by whoever among the winners has bid the most amount
- A winning bidder has 24 hours to respond to my note otherwise it will be given to the previous bidder for that slot. If there is no previous bidder, it will be replaced with a canon character
- Paypal only
- Serious bidders only

- Do not rely on your messages page to track bids. Always check this page's comment section in full so you do not miss replies made to others.

OMG, dA needs an auction widget.
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Those aren't placeholder ponies...THEY'RE GHOSTS!
karkovice1's avatar
What's wrong with this picture? =P
suntwilig's avatar
Have they shaved their heads or is that a base?
        Clapping pony icon - Sunlight Spring 
DeadCobra's avatar
Setakarn's avatar
Oh, that looks nice!
ArcCahlon's avatar
ohhh that is what the red lines are for. dude the amount of detail you put into the YCH made me think it was completed. you sir are a dedicated artists to even make an unfinished work look finished.
Kujiiro's avatar
dem baldies are cute anyway :meow:
YoshiRingo's avatar
lol I was wondering for a moment why they were all bald white cuties XDD
L4m3ness's avatar
What a curious idea :D I would have immediately joined him for a game of cards.

(Probably doing the classic Hanabi mistake of holding my cards the wrong way around ;))
templar127's avatar
sparkyler's avatar
if they were D&D I would totes be in on this!
ToastyTop's avatar
I was about to ask why they are bald Alicorns, but then I read the description. 
PhuocThienCreation's avatar
whoa this is the most detailed YCH I ever seen
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damn the colt is sold
SanduTiTa's avatar
HOw do you hOld those cards with hoOVEs
ZarinaRoseYT's avatar
I know how they hold the cards with hooves they use glue or tape...... Will that's what I think.
SanduTiTa's avatar
Or maybe is just the logic of Equestria
OldVegas's avatar
it's going 2 be an orgy again? 
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