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Chrono Trigger Comic - Prophet Janus

Before you ask, no, this will not be a daily thing. 
Inb4 took you long enough pony boy.

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Still good, after all these years. Thanks to your comics, the image of the Chrono Trigger is very well fixed in my brain. I am ready to wait for the continuation as long as you want

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Been following for maybe 11 or 12 years.

Hope this is still going strong.

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I'm currently reformatting the old comics to A4 size then I plan to continue making new ones
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This was a great read. I hope some day you decide to continue.

oh how i wish the author would just binge-finish these, maybe even make some more in between the previous ones, keep them as funny as always, then publish it in a book... i'd buy two.
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Oh wow, glad I got the urge to re-read this comic. Glad to see a new page.
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Well, never thought there'd be another page, glad to be surprised.
Took you long enough po- *reads disclaimer* ....fuck. >_<

Still no Schala though. Ehh. I've been blueballed for the past two years. What's one more?

Good to see you haven't forgotten this. :happybounce:
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It's back?!?! WOOOOO!
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hahaaha xD

And I'm glad to see more of your Chrono Trigger comics *O*
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"What would you do for a Klondike Bar?"
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For thousands of years this has been gone, Glad to have you back! @ CT Comic
It been a while since I last saw one of these!
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Woo I missed this.
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Saints be praised!  You have not forsaken us!
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Took you long enough pony boy!

Seriously, though, I like your art no matter what it is.
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Loved the games like chrono cross was the best to be honest and well made me think hard in sports xD
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