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Cheese Style

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Heh, for a moment I thought he had a really long neck.
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Damn it, I can't unsee that. XD
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Cheese Sandwich is terrific! :D
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dude, I said that to myself BEFORE seeing you comment XD
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You have some REALLY darn good art!
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Awesome one ! :D
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i still can't believe that wierd al is a brony, let alone having his own episode. just blows my mind.
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Ikr? In addition to that, he guest starred on Gravity Falls. My respect for the dude has tripled. 
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The good cheesy. The one who will make you "the" party.

BEautiful work
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Clap :D (Big Grin) Chicken is the very best! XD
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Looks great :) 
And am I the only one who plays 'find Mystic's name in the hatching'? :3
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I do that tooo....
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"My name's John. John Marston."

"My name is Cheese. Cheese Sandwich."
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