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Celestia and Luna 16:9

16:9 version

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ionoid's avatar
For some reason I feel that Celestia and Luna would look good if they were both wearing one of these:…
Celestia's would be white (obviously) with gold lace on the edges, while Luna's would be black with purple lace on the edges.
mysticalpha's avatar
Clothing looked wild back in the day.
BurningFlameMC's avatar
Why is your art so good? <3
Little-Hellion-Fever's avatar
Light overcomes darkness yadayadayada
Phenometron's avatar
They're totally royal.
DoughnutJoe's avatar
Celestia stealing the spotlight from Luna, like always. :D
flutterbrony16's avatar
Gaster-Story's avatar
I really love they'r mane c:
T-GirlVanLieshout's avatar
Very beautifull *fav*
cajobif's avatar
Wonderful work.

It so enjoyable to see them together.
DeJiKo07's avatar
So beautiful! I love the Princesses so much!
AffinityShy's avatar
Nicely done! The organic/geometric combo art style you use looks great! I especially love all of the detail in the princesses' jewelry. Awesome work!
Pri1ncessLuna's avatar
I love this one. I love your art style but this one is over the top good!
schneelocke's avatar
Pretty, both of them. :)
can you render 2560x1600 (16:10) versions as well? that would be awesome :D
mysticalpha's avatar
thank you very much :]
Feargm's avatar
Love your style.
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