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Celestia Luna - Night Time

Tia is sure fascinated by these creatures of the night.

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So cute and adorable!! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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These creatures are emitting light... Celestia finds her element in the night... Wow that was such an amazing idea, love it! :D
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What's wrong with Luna's face.
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Celestia: Hohohoho. Aww... I forgot how wonderful it is to come watching the fireflies.
Luna: Well, if you came yesterday, you would have watched hundreds of them. Today's rain make them depart this place for a drier one.
C: I have no doubt about this.
L: Umm... Why you suddenly decided to come here at night? I mean... while I am at my duties...
C: Don't you with mines?
L: Well... yes. But mines are-
C: More boring? Darker? More.... secret?
Luna looked away, embarrassed.
C: Do I have to remember that I was taking of the night for a thousand years before you came back?
Luna felt even more bad and let her head drop.
C: Don't feel bad little sister. This may not as much work as mine in the day, nevertheless it's still hard work. And I don't know any other pony or princess better than you to do such hard work.
Luna raised her head and smiled at her older sister.
L: T-thank you so much sister. You have no idea how much these words touched my heart...
C: Oh. I do. That's why I told them to you.
Luna smiled widened.
C: I better go back at castle now. It's getting late.
L: Sister?
C: Yes, Luna?
L: D-do you want me to warn you next time they get in a mass so you won't miss it?
C: I'd like to.

Wonderful work. Aww these beautiful sisters. So great to see them together...
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Cool I really like the way u did their mane and the fireflies
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Luna looks adorable! ^^
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Aw!!! What a cute scene! Both of their expressions are adorable! :meow: :meow: :meow:
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Lovely job! Your designs are nice!
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Really love the sparkles in their manes, and the fireflies. Very pretty!!! :D
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Their faces are so adorable.
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Sun and moon butt! Yay~
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This is absolutely gorgeous!
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simple and touching, awesome picture :)
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Booping firefly! :D
Cute.                                                                                       Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Celestia Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Luna 
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Awww, adorable!
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