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J4BHobbyist Digital Artist
I find the style in the bottom panel adorable.
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LOSTgnosisStudent General Artist
"Stupid Reptile Tricks"
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Give us Crono Trigger and Cross with some Final Fantasy VI fully remastered in glorious 3D and still manage to keep the artistic feel and color of the games. Why are these goldmines being constantly sat on??? They make ONE remake, ONE, and they'd be out of debt so fast... they need to hire *real* 3D artists that know how to properly code and design intractable free roaming worlds that actually PUSH THE LIMITS of a system like PS3 and Wii U.

I want to play more Chrono series xD
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mysticalphaHobbyist Digital Artist
We're not going to see a remake from Square unless they see money in it. I believe they tested the waters when they ported Chrono Trigger to the DS. We all know the only thing they care about is their beloved franchise, Final Fantasy and they even refuse to remake FF7. Maybe when that franchise fails, if it hasn't already, we'll have some sliver of hope of seeing a Chrono Trigger remake.
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One of the developers for Final Fantasy admitted that if they ever did a remake of FF7 they would kill the series, since it is so beloved no one would want to buy any other FF games. They wouldn't be able to make any more money, and they like making money too much.
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No one plays handhelds seriously though... And what drew people to FF7 was the CGI and graphics on the spells and stuff.

If you compare the way those games were made then, vs how they been making games from 10 and up, you'll notice we get less and less exploration, less summons (one guy once commented how they wanted to get rid of what essentially IS FF and do away with summons!) and we see games play themselves more and more vs the time we spend controlling the characters.

FF 13, failed. FF13 X2 went in for emergency patch work after the extreme backlash and accusations that came with FF13. And Advent Sword is being delayed because no one is going to buy a game that plays itself.

I have Sleeping Dogs. I have Saints Row 3. Playing SD I noticed Square doing what they do best; telling me a story. It took 10 minutes before I even got to use my controller. A small bit of running later, it goes back to cutscenes. I played for about an hour. Out of that hour, I'd say about 20 minutes of it was me.

Now, you play SR3 and you get thrown into a bank heist. Story is being told DURING the action after a short and funny scene. The whole time the story is being told to you, you're actually PLAYING it out!

Square games... I stop supporting that company after they released FF12. The 3 big honchos behind the FF series LEFT including it's creator, it's composer, and it's artist. The ones most renowned for all the major FF games. I'd advise checking out Last Story, it's really unique and fun. Sadly it's on the Wii... not a bad system, but it came out near the end of it's cycle.

Square needs to stop being so xenophobic and start hiring new players and start putting more time into game play experience. Why do you think they refused to show any actual live demos instead of showing movies? Square is a horse with three broken legs.

Wait... I shouldn't use that analogy considering I like FiM ^^;; but you get the idea! xD

Still, glad you're still making this, I loved that part of the story!
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Sleeping Dogs was done by their Western Branch.

Ironically, Square Enix's Western Branch has been pumping out alot of good, fairly nice selling games. The games from the Japanese branch not so much......and the President had the gall to blame their losing money on said Western Branch (3.4 million copies in a month was apparently not good sales for Tomb Raider)
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They did make a remake for the DS/DSi.
I agree, another title in the series would be great. Really love Chrono Trigger, great story, great battlesystem, great characters. Also multiple endings, which makes it cooler.
And this comic here helps a lot :)
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Easiest boss ever?
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Ehhhhh..... close. If you listen to Ayla when she said "Thunder stun all dinosaur!" it ends up being pretty easy. Personally, I'd have to say the easiest boss-first playthrough of course-was Ozzie.
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EliroX904Hobbyist Writer
Yes! Another Chrono comic!
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pixelRokudoHobbyist Digital Artist
I love his expression when he's all =P
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Can't really say Nizbel was the most intelligent boss I ever faced, no. I guess he/she/it was the dinosaur equivalent of big dumb dogs, huh?
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This is a very accurate approximation to what that boss fight felt like.
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I love these Chrono Trigger comics. They get funnier every time!
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JeenaLightHobbyist Writer
I should take swearing lessons from Ayla!
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Physical humor is best humor.
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Ayla! Never had I heard such language....
I like it.
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