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He's the friend we need, you know! Loving this cool cat!
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Capper is real damn dapper!
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I love this cat!!!
DawnPaladin's avatar
I have complicated feelings about this cat's chest floof.

Actually, they're not complicated. I just want to stroke his chest floof.
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Seaponies and a anthropomorphic talking cat? Boy, the movie borrowed a lot from G1, did it?
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this looks awesome good job! GIF Adventure Time - Claps 
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Wonderful work
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Aw yiss, some mlp movie art.
Quite a cat you did here, Mystic.
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He's the one I need alright!
MustachedBain's avatar
capper best husbando
NuvaPrime's avatar
Best character in the whole movie. The only good one, in fact
morion87's avatar
One cool cat if there ever was one. Too bad he sold out the Mane 6 and Spike before he changed for the better. Here's hoping in some way.

Film characters make it into season 8.
I doubt it. It’s a miracle they were able to afford these actors for the movie in the first place!
morion87's avatar
Doesn't mean they wouldn't be open to reprising their roles again either.
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awesome and handsome XD
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He has wares for you to check out
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