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Candy Corn Twilight

Twilight is now lickable, unless you hate candy corn.
16:9: Candy Corn Twilight 16:9 by mysticalpha

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"Look, Pumpkin is sleeping!"
Pumpkin:Munches on Candy Corn Twlight
Twilight Sparkle: OW! Pumpkin!
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Ah, Twilight took inspiration in Rarity's costume. 

...What do mean, she's not wearing a costume? She's clearly supposed to be a marshmallow. =P 
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Aww Twi is now an *Snicker* Ali-candy-corn!

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Well aren't you fabulous ?
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Oh my gosh! This is very cute :love:
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this is awsome i dont tell everybody this!
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This is pretty adorable.
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Of course Twilight is lickable now...! :lick: :lick: :lick:
That costume is cute, by the way! :D :D :D
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It ain't Halloween without candy corn:iconcandycornplz:
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Twi is so cute in her costume :D
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She already tasted like grape, so now...
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Well this got corny real fast. :P
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"Candy Corn > Alicorn", says most bronies. :dummy:
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Haha yes! This is awesome in too many ways. I love your strle!
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Lol. What a cute costume Twilight! :D

Have a happy halloween everyone! emoticons love candy  :chocolaterun:  F2U: Candy Corn :witch: 
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haha adorable! <3
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