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Campfire Legends

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berrypass's avatar
Maybe she's telling about the legend of Shadowman! (aka a human.)
Birbswithbombs's avatar
Anyone seen Gravity Fall and remember there intro. I can't help but see the part where Gruncle Stan is telling a story around a campfire.
ILiekFerret's avatar
I love apple bloom face. XD
VectoredThrust's avatar
"And then...she bit into the Apple, and it was an Orange! OooOooooHHhhhh~"

Rainbow Dash: applejack, what kind of scary story is that?

Play as applejack, please.

K4nK4n's avatar
Dashy's face makes me giggle.
ComfyDove's avatar
Awesome sauce. :D
ZeloTag's avatar
Great art as usual .the lighting as pretty cool. I havn't seen the episode yet. as this comment
RZGmon200's avatar
When I saw this episode, I was glad that it did not turn out to be like I thought it would be, usually in other shows, when there is an episode where several stories are told, the characters in each story are always interpreted by the same main characters of the show. I am happy to finally see an episode of several stories without constantly having to see the same characters as before.
lucario183t's avatar
The story is probably about apples
Eli-J-Brony's avatar
I found this episode fascinating.
Little-Hellion-Fever's avatar
lol Dash could at least pretend to be entertained :D
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Setakarn's avatar
A very standard episode, nothing special, but it did let us see how asians, romans, and norse are like in pony form
black-sunn89's avatar
Is probably a well-known legend what jack as told
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Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Whoa, very cool one.
zenitraMsj's avatar
Wow, so these three are descendants of classic heroes.
AJ’s people are Nordic folk, does that make Apple Acers ‘Wisconsin’
Rarity is a master Shadow Puppeteer and of Asian heritage, some generations removed.
Dash is Greek, and wasn’t that Ember’s parents, who would have guessed.
And Scoota Loo can out shy, Flutter’s in the wild.
Learn something new every day. And always have Fly-Der repellant.
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Let's sing the Campfire Song Song first!
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