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Bonbon + lyra Wallpaper

Nothing to see here. Just ponies exercising good hygiene.

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EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
Payback for all the times she's surprise-licked Bonnie's candies, no doubt.

(Well, in my headcanon she does that, anyway.)
templar127's avatar
...It tastes like bon bons.
Kamalionify's avatar
I know you will say it's just a good hygiene , but I still have dirty thoughts .. xD <3
Mad-rus's avatar
Taste like a bronze
Jeriih's avatar
I know you like mint flavor too
UMSAuthorLava's avatar
Please, who hasn't licked Lyra's horn?
CharmingChaos2012's avatar
Good hygiene?
Looks more like a hornjob to me.
foxnightly2010's avatar
kkk Funny especially the face of Lyra XD
Ragged-Insomnia's avatar
... It's so beautiful! :3
EvilPaladin11's avatar
You know, I always figured Lyra to be the saucey one.
Why does BonBon's bed eyes remind me of Marilyn Monroe?
huskyxkrystal's avatar
are they*reads artist comment*oh ok
Being eaten by a piece of candy? Oh what a cruel and delicious fate. Those two have really given nothing but shipping material. Not that I complain.. :3
Mckayr12's avatar
This was my phone background untill my mom asked to barrow my phone and i had to explain to her that bon bon and lyra were just close friends, it was pretty ackward, i wish i had had a normal brony background, that would have been so much less ackward.
mysticalpha's avatar
And it isn't awkward enough she knows you like ponies?
Mckayr12's avatar
She didnt know until then, it kinda helped that i said they were from a childrens show, but then she was all like "do you watch my little ponies?" and i was just " my friend elisa does" i blamed it on a forighn exchange student. And told my mom she changed my background.
mysticalpha's avatar
well at least it wasn't the berry punch picture
IronBrony's avatar
:icondashlolplz: Yeah Bon Bon is just grooming Lyra, yup just giving her a good horn cleaning.
Fadflamer's avatar
I love how these two are always pictured together so passionately.
PriestessOfNox's avatar
...Nothing to see here... :popcorn:
HARRYxLUNA03244's avatar
LYRA !!!!!!! OMG SO CUTE *Brain Explodes*
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