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Bon-bon and Lyra Bump

Rump Bump
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I'm guessing Diamond Tiara & SilverSpoon was copying or mocking these two silly fillies.
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"Yo Bon Bon, are we stealing Diamond Tiara's dance? We should be coming up with our own 'Best Girlfriends' dance."
"Just play along, Lyra, or I'll break your lyra in half, okay?"
"Please Bon Bon, not my musical instrument namesake! I spend most of my pocket money buying my lyra and learning how to play it for you. *sigh* Okay, Bon, let's get it over with and I'll take you on a fun date to Sugarcube Corner. I hear Pinkie Pie's starting a comedy club there!"
"Will I get to kiss you?"
"Yes, Bon Bon, we'll kiss. We might do a french kiss if you like."

Lyra and Bon Bon do the 'Sugar Lump Rump', in a sexy kind of way.
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Omg you saw this coming 2 years in advance XD This is canon now!
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Bump, bump, sugar lump rump!!! :meow: :meow: :meow:
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Double awesomeness!
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That's so adorable! x3
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its cute it doesn't look naughty plus silver spoon and diamond tiara did that in mlp
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They look adorable!  =3
that could be naugty you kno
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Bump, bump, sugarlump, rump!
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:icondeerlordplz: it is magnificent!
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This reminds me "Blank Flank!" XD
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You sure know how to make geometric art look awesomely adorable! :aww:
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Dude, I love your style, it's beautiful
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Out cometh the perverse generation of bronies. And lo, he found it abominable. Therefore, he casteth them into the pit of fire. 
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such adorable pals :meow:
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