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Big Rarity 16:9

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16:10 Big Rarity by mysticalpha
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I like how you sneak the watermark in the shading. 
Now if someone steals it, and crops the other watermark, HA! Think again.
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Only in Equestria is being tiny more of a trap than an escape tactic........ Slagging cheating magic takes the possible escape out of the whole situation. She's not exactly friendly when she's in this kind of mood and there's only one thing to do in this case..... beg for mercy! 
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Rarity, adorable even while enraged!
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Hello. Could I use as the background art in a song of mine? I would credit you of course.
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Awesome job with this pic.
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The way you put tour sign at her left front leg to make it look like a shadow xD
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My biggest pony strikes again
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The way that he's abused them, the exquisite ponies of Ponyville... FILLS HER WITH THE URGE TO DEFECATE!!!
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If this had progressed any further, she would have fallen down the same path as Discord.
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"Don't you see that I made myself huge so everypony could see how a fabulous am I?"

Beau... err... fabulous.
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Simply fabulous. =)
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