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Berry Punch in Bed

Wait, you mean the world didn't end? Wake up Berry! You have more drinking to do!
16:9: Berry Punch in Bed 16.9 by mysticalpha

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JizzLizz's avatar
isn't that sweet she's dead to the world...................Deidara (Evil Smile) [V1] get the sharpies 
Girrpuppy's avatar
don't pass out while there are markers about >:D
angelofrombelow's avatar
That spillage ain't gonna be fun to clear up. Red wine stains bad.
Helsaabi's avatar
I really love it! X3
SimeonLeonard's avatar
I do not envy you the headache you will have when you wake up, but in the meantime, rest well and dream of stallions.
SilverFlitterDragon's avatar
faved at 2am, sleep is overrated.
BlackParadeDeathNote's avatar
Well.. Looks like that punch was the K.O. deliverer. ;D
Star--Sprout's avatar
Note the empty bottle...x3
kingfox66's avatar
i really like your pics
broznik592's avatar
*to the tune of rudulph*
"Berry the pink maned boozehound... couldn't really see that straight
And if you ever saw her... You could even say she's drunk
All of her other barmares... Used to gape in disbelief
They would avoid poor Berry... Til she Berry Punched them out"
timfortune9's avatar
A little too much Christmas cheer.
At least Pinchy knows how to run the household properly for the holiday.
Dreit's avatar
Let her sleep, she looks so cute :aww:
Soliassoul's avatar
The things we do to these innocent characters. . . .
Kilo60's avatar
Wake you holiday drunk!
JackKrane's avatar
aw! she drank all of my wines!
OHCF's avatar
:iconsays3plz:"What's that? Sleep? Great idea, I'll go do that right now. It's almost noon, anyway!"
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