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Berry Punch Drink

What's a better way to bring the world to an end than to party until dawn? Berry Punch is already getting started.

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Hello, I'm preparing an article about Bronies for Russian-speaking people. Could I use this image for illustration of it? 
Please write me back at
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This chick is wasted!
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Now she's going to be sh:iconcensoredplz:tfaced.
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This is very fitting of Berry Punch's character.
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She has them
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Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug!
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<font><font>ой will not come to no good</font></font>
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wine ? whiskey friend , nothin better than it - Cpt. Bartlett AC5
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Glik glik glik glik glik...
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wow, no hands!
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"New methods of curing alcoholism are being developed even as the problem worsens among the ponies of our nation, and I personally recommend the Detox

Through the use of genetic engineering and Earthpony magic, we have created a benevolent mutualist organism which could live in a commensalist relationship with their equine host.

The Detox bugs are delivered into hosts via a pill containing an egg of the organism, which would then grow and mature inside the alcoholic hosts' small intestines. While they normally survive by feeding on equine waste products, they are modified such that they could metabolize alcohol, but would produce a pain-receptor stimulating toxin as a by-product, causing immense but ultimately non-lethal pain to the alcoholic host. By the time the organism lived out its limited natural lifespan, the host would had lost all incentive to ever drink another drop again.

The engineered organisms had been repeatedly tested to ensure the safety of ponies taking the treatment, and with no reproductive organs to speak of, they pose little risks of spreading as a potential pathogen.

Pavlov programmed a dog salivate with the sight of food. Detox would give alcoholic ponies an incentive to quit alcohol"

--- Berry Punch, former Alcoholic, first test subject of Detox and now head-spokespony for the new Detox Alcoholic Cure.
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THAT was horrifying.
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Well, it works. How is it horrifying?

"I know it sounds a bit disgusting, but product testing has shown that this 'Conditioned Reflex' therapy is 98% effective in curing Alcohol addiction, and causes no long term harm in the patients' bodies!"
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Um, because a glorified tapeworm is being marketed as a treatment for alcoholism? I don't care if it's supposedly "harmless", that is just disgusting.

And, inflicting pain when one drinks booze? That's how you condition a lab rat in a maze, not help someone/somepony with a personal problem.

Excuse the rant, but this whole idea is abhorrent to me.
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I know, I know. 

Makes you wonder if Berry is only so supportive because the treatment broke her mind or something.

I was inspired by a solution that was much worse:…
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*reads episode synopsis*
Jeez, "much worse" is right... :O

And I do think that Berry was broken in some way by the treatment. That speech sounded like it wasn't *her* talking, but an advertisement for that abomination.
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Wanna write a fix-fic? 
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Nah, can't make...*that* work with my mindset.
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