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Back to the Future Timeline

In part two, Doc explains to Marty how they travelled back into an alternate timeline. I just complicated the hell out of it.

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Isn't there a problem in the chart above when old biff goes back to HIS future? You made it in the new Line but I belive that the arrow should be pointing at the small line above. (where Marty changed his and his family future's future). I Think that this is one of the many mistakes/errors that the movies has regarding time travel.
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I've just come to realize recently that the movies contain a few flaws with time travel and the chart may not be as accurate as I would like or even warrant a fix to what we think should be correct. I've heard that when old biff went back to the future in the time machine, he was supposed to have faded away but didn't due to some video limitation. I'm sure there are a few videos on youtube pointing out these errors but I like the movies too much to dissect them.
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It's not actually especially confusing or complicated. Involved, certainly, but easy enough to understand.

You just have to think fourth-dimensionally!
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Awesome work! I always loved the Back to the Future movies! But question: When Marty, Doc, and Jennifer returned to 1985, wasn't it still the same timeline as when Marty saved Marty Jr.?
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No because old Biff went back to the past and altered it splitting that timeline into an alternate timeline which Doc had explained to Marty.
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That is all I have to say on the subject.
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sorry, but i have no other comment than a genuine, outright LOL. You made my night. Thank you.
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