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Apples on the farm

Commission for applegeek83
(He did well at MW BronyFest to get it autographed)

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I don't know how you do it, but these are so nicely one, on model, and well detailed. such talent
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hehe, AppleGeek meeting his Apple kin for the first time. Now just need a picture of the scene of Applebloom giving you that hug from my story. Wonderful artwork, now the Apple Family is complete.
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Welcome to the Apples' farm. :)
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Who's the guy in the hat? Their father?
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Who's that stallion in the middle?
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           Chibi AppleJack Icon Big Mackintosh Chibi Apple Bloom Icon Granny Smith 
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Applebloom looks a bit like a pomeranian here, heheh.
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tiny fluffy doggy
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Big thanks again to MysticAlpha on this!  I got it signed by all four VAs at Midwest Bronyfest 2016, and even got a group photo with all of them!
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Howdy, Applegeek! It’s me again, Calion Disney!

Hasbro has finally confirmed about Scootaloo’s parents! 
The recently released Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe actually reveals quite a bit about the home life of Scootaloo. Apparently her parents are usually away, and her father's sister "Aunt Holiday" joins her seemingly lesbian partner "Aunt Lofty" in watching over her. 
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Yay! The Apple Family! The background, the ponies...ALL of it in this style of yours is great, Alpha! :D
Job well done! :)
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Who's the Apple in the middle? I don't recognize him.
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That would be me.  :D
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Probably an OC. A commission, after all!
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