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Applejack in Gala Dress

All of the apples!

16.9: Applejack in Gala Dress 16.9 by mysticalpha

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but dat face thoughSwag-trap the pimp-daddy awesome drwaing
CoolioHorse's avatar
ugh, i am getting annoyed with this app now.
Blue-Jay-Blaze's avatar
Her face looks rather dignified, or to me she feels that way.
TomFraggle's avatar
Cute. Love those boots. Definitely adding the 16:9 version to my rotating wallpaper collection. :+fav:
Vunlinur's avatar
Eagh, dat face!
DeadCobra's avatar
SwanLullaby's avatar
Helsaabi's avatar
I really love it!
lil-apple-guy's avatar
Aw, shes so cute! I love applejack.
RavenousDrake's avatar
Had to laugh when I first saw this. :lol: Very nice. :thumbsup::)
UltimateRogue's avatar
Her smug looks :iconmegustaplz: like.
PaperSpeakersWat's avatar
Her face reminds me of an alligator.
askesalsa's avatar
Dat... odd muzzle
anothga's avatar
She is so... so... so awesome! /)^3^(\
SuperDragonMasters's avatar
Gotta love that pose! Absolutely amazing!
legirian's avatar
She's like: Sup?
victordegroot's avatar
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Smug AJ is best AJ. :iconapplejackplz:

Nice work!
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