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Apple Bloom Caped Crusader

Recreation from that one special episode.

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BEST CMC!!!!! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Epically cute! :love:
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Her hardiness is what makes her great.
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Amazing and cute!!! Heart Heart Heart 
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"Hey Y'all, we're still the Cutie Mark Crusaders- we jus' do I for other Ponies instead of ourselves..."
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ooooh I see a wee bit of cutiemark ^_^  I honestly haven't been on a lookout for much CMC art but I think this is actually the first in a while I've noticed with a cm.. Cool pose! :D
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Cute as motherbucking Equestria!
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Once a Crusader, always a Crusader :)
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Awww she has her cutie mark but they still wear they're crusading capes.
That's sweet. :3
Can't wait for the cutie mark crusader related episodes for season 6!!!
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We're gonna have a great time Anon! You don't have a choice in the matter!
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An awesome pic I love it :D
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...One Bad Apple??
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