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AJ vs Big Mac

zOMG, Big Mac said a lot

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it would be cool seeing that
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Nice!  And it made me think of this music:…
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Love the colouring
Never quite got what crosses the line. LIke is posting said image in a forum against sharing rules..or using said image in a fanfic when you clearly site the source. Can you really get in trouble for sharing links back to said artist.
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I can't stop you if you repost the image somewhere else but if you credit and link back to me, I will be okay with that.
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*insert epic music here*
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Fillies & Gentlecolts, Lets get ready to rumble!!!! XD
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Applejack: I forgot how big your mouth was back then.
Bigmac: And I forgot how a awful farm worker AND liar you were back then.
AJ: And we should agree to never tell anypony about this ever again.
B: Fine. I mean, Eeeyup!
AJ: ....
B: ....
AJ: You always had a very bad breath.
B: You looked ridiculous on those long legs.
AJ: .....
B: .....
Apple Bloom: Uh... Guys? What about me? What happened to me?
Both: Ask Granny.

Wonderful work
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What’s going on here?
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Is this dialogue from the episode, or something you made up? I haven’t actually seen it. 
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Made up from what happened in the episode and the drawing.
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So what’s happening in the dialogue then? That’s what I was really asking in the first place. Somethings seem to be implied, and I didn’t want to guess wrong at the intent. 
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The episode was about how they were in the past and now they are bringing this on the table in a little dispute.
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I know what happened in the episode, I’m just trying to understand the dialogue you wrote. 
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"Now kiss!".... sorry :iconnervous-laughplz: 
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Err... what does "inb4" mean?
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