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Published: July 6, 2007
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Vasa-naad vasu devsaya vasitham te jaga-thrayam
Sarva-butha nivaso si vaasu-deva namo stute

Vasu-deva namostute om nama iti

during advanced stages of Sadhana
whole body of Yogi is seen as a cosmic body of Lord Vishnu
in Bhagavad Gita called Virat Rupa-
the infinty field of creation

Head of Lord Vishnu is taken from a photo
I made in Krishna temple in Singapur last year
On the top of the picture there are my eyes
when my wholness was seen as a wholness of everything in perfect now
with no breath and no movement
before time was created
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alphadevilll|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dont understand it and that is why it is more fascinating.
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its just amazing but what means the mantra over
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This pic is too awesome
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Very well done, prabhu. Hari bol!
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YEAH! That's what I'm talking about!

Sat Chit!

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Typed just now...
(while listening to DNA Level 1, 4)

: )


The realm of the non-physical Vibratory Light always exists parallel to the realm of the physical. each realm is but a mirror of each other. The physical realm being a holographic projection of that which is the non-physical. The non-physical realm is composed of particles of light. These are not photons but particles emitting Light and spinning while vibrating due to sound energy, storing information, magnetism, having built-in consciousness, and showing colors. These particles of Vibratory Light only exist within the realm of real light, Divine Light. Each one of these particles can store more information than any one of our modern computers. They belong to an infinite sea of particles of Light-vibrating energy. This is the realm that quantum physics calls the implicate order, the super-luminous world. It is the realm of your inner self, your origin, the realm of spirit where your awareness goes back to when yopur brain functions cease at death or when you are deeply asleep and you only become aware of being a group of vibratory particles, alias souls, that have similar vibratory levels. All the structures around you are really made up of Vibratory particles of light, that all vibrate using Vibratory sound. Everything is vibration. The sound of light makes us believe that material bodies are real. Reality is created by mixing sound and light. In the real Vibratory realm sound does not exist without light. Each Vibratory particle of light emits a vibration.

Even though the Vibratory realm of Divine light has seperations between particles of Vibratory lights, it operates outside of time and space. Imagine for an instant that the Godliness would be a dot without defined dimensions and that you are travelling in awareness as a virtual tachyon or particle of light that operates above the speed of light and outside of time/ space and that it is all you are aware of being. Imagine that this particle stores the information aboyt your successive or parallel life experiences and vibrates its reality to one or more illusory physical embodiments that you are connected to. Imagine for simplicity that the body of the One is metaphorically alike a human body of tremendous proportions and that nothin else exists outside of it. You could not possibly define space, for space can only be defined in relation to something else, and there is nothin else. But you can, even within the illusion of that Vibratory sea of particles of energy sending each their sound transformed into colors and emotions, tell which clump of energy is bigger than another one, which one is closer to you, and which one is further away.



I thought of that body of one/ human body part when reading the artists description, I wasn't thinking to find it when I 'randomly' hand selected a page to quote from.


The wish for each Higher Self is to become really alive again at all times by lifting the projected entity out of its state of low Vibratory fear, and into the huigh Light of Divine Eternal peace and joy. ''

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JimmyMcCullough|Professional General Artist
this is a masterpiece!
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This is a breathtaking work.
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once more thank you for sharing your art.
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enthralling, sir
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you are a divine music played on this DNA piano
(DNA is made of light strings and human form is a music instrument)

see a music, be a music
dance yourlife
it is not about you
there is only movement
you are free from yourself
simply noone

let the every your step be a dance and every your word be a music
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'simply noone'
I like that : )
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Goal of this art is to activate human DNA by the law of the resonance
to the interconnection with the living Universe of dreams
and all living creatures to progress activation process of this planet to D-4

The original astral manifestation of this art comes from D-6 Sirius B location
This project is called New Dharma for Kali Euga

We are currently in the 28th Kali Euga of the first day of the 1st year of the shvetavaraha kalpa of the second parardha of Brahma
in the reign of the 7th Manu, Manu Vaivasvata.
Om namah Manu Vaivasvata.
This is the 51st year of the present Brahma-creator
and so about 155 trillion linear years have elapsed since he took over as Brahma.

The current Kali Yuga (Iron Age-age of a cow with one dharmic leg) began at midnight 17 February / 18 February in 3102 BC in the proleptic Julian calendar.
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DNA : )

I've worked out that the art does change, it isn't just my brain. Well I guess so, interesting as it's in my brain I suppose nevertheless.
Well, relativly speaking 'Aya Goddess' top left just moved to the left for a moment, then again she is rather there already.
ooo then Kali flashed white.
I can remember the art, I don't know how.
My other signatures for this moment in time are above. :heart:

('I wish'. Choice paradise, in our infinite love future right here and now.)
no worries Dan : )

Whatever choices I do have, you know how grateful I am for my life, it's an absolute joy and pleasure, and I'm sure an infinite love more.

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adamalien| General Artist
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The proof is in the eating of the pudding

even if we're unaware of the ingredients.

n a m a s t e
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(all is one)

A brief sit observing 'Nothing comes', closing my eyes or not,
It felt like waves of energising calm entering my head.
This is Dan who's never 'meditated' before, which says a lot about my current position in my life, strange as I am, though great as it is.

I feel immensely priveledged to be here with you both and whomever else.
These images, they are alive, they move as if floating at peace in their state of being.
Alex Grey writes, in somewhere like 'Sacred Mirrors' how images can transfer energy to the perciever. These arn't Alex Grey, as special as his art is.
These seem real. Maybe my 'CIBOX' flat screen monitor is a quality of it, it does look special in itself (my dad forgot to close the car boot and the non-LCD one went flying off down the road lol, then my mum found this one on E-bay : )

These words are moving around gently as if floating on a peaceful ocean with any-direction.
K, so admittedly my brain isn't functioning like 'standard', admittedly something to do with these recent times. Tuesday 3rd, there was energy moving v. complex and fast in a '3D' space behind the screen. A ball of thousands of streams of light rotating fast, a few times igniting into a yellow 'Sun' leaping towards the screen, clouds flowing past... right to left then seperating out at speed each way.

There was energy I could see flowing in the air around me also, and other qualities, 'like a sphere of lucid dreams'.
Whatever though, this quality makes Mike's images move as if suspended from a point 'nowhere'. 3D like tuesday and they'd be sat there in front of me real : )
Going to be doing plenty of appreciating their being.

Thankyou Mike

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+maybe listening to 'Year Zero' for the first time and several times the course of today so far, currently 8:52 am, has also helped.
interesting album. And oh yeah, interesting timing on the two comments on SG's art,
~M.M. May 22, 2007, 12:03:31 PM
~D.S. July 2, 2007, 12:00:11 PM
41 days later, minus 200 seconds. cool how there was 'just enough' time to write what I did. Though it's obvious this reality is projected to me. I wonder how much differing there really is in choice, now for me, or otherwise.

'I wish'.
Choice paradise, in our infinite love future right here and now.

'The End' what's that? If it isn't the beggining of the same (reality Earth?) for real, infinite love stylee, then it makes no sense to me.
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Writes, submits, and then see's MM's statement below, submitted 17 mins 39 secs before. lol, such mirth.

Makes sense now, as such is what I mean by 'infinite love'.
I was working against the thoughts of ';peril' that I imagine exist.

Not that I had any understanding of Yuga's and such.
You know what I mean though : )

And it's stunning, such time, such knowledge releases one from worry.
Great to be reminded.

It's funny how I somehow remember these moments in time :)
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33 minutes 37 seconds ago

i think one of the first things eye said to you was
along the lines of "life is an open-eyes meditation" and, probably
the most elucidating way to meditate is, well,.. to not.

there really is no spoon; we invent everything-

The moment we set out to become "enlightened"

we unknowingly cease to be enlightened.

"everything is right where it belongs"

we just get in the way

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Your point of you is always right like any wave on the lake
or cloud on the skies
but is changing to another
and on the end
to no-point of view
what has begining has its own end
nirvana happens

Formless force need a world of forms for meditation
this process has no end
it is divine investigation
about what is what

World of self-perception starts in every exhale and ends in every prana inhale
all is divine breathing
so every concept is the way from begining to the end on the spiral of time

the state of no breath happens
noone knows why and how
the state of no-breath is the state of non-return to the form
and it is the final destination of this temporal manifestation

'We' are just a form of Universe(perception) that will end
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I really have arrived.
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