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Double Meme With AtlasKun~ by MysticAbsolution Double Meme With AtlasKun~ :iconmysticabsolution:MysticAbsolution 0 19 Bro. And, of course, Orb. by MysticAbsolution Bro. And, of course, Orb. :iconmysticabsolution:MysticAbsolution 1 2
Torn Dimension: Ch. 16 - The Need of a Purpose
“No, no, no!” Kira repeated as she stumbled and cradled Angst in her arms, as Aura had left him go and was now staring at the Da’Emon. “I should have seen it was going to happen, I should have known!”
“Kira, it’s no use!” Daniel spat, turning his head to reveal to everyone the tears pouring. “It was fated we lose him here; Fortis’Petra was testing our emotions, nothing more.”
“It’s strange.” Aura spoke, though whether aimed at Fortis’Petra or otherwise she was not sure. “Everything suddenly makes sense, the reason he was so fearful of spears…the reason he was a wreck… Tell me, how was this testing the durability of our emotions? Are you sure you were just not being cruel to the man?”
“To test the full extent of any mortal being’s emotions – they must be forced face to face with conflict.” Fortis’Petra explained, “The man’s purpose
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Torn Dimension: Ch. 15 - Repose of the Mind
Angst stumbled in a daze towards the pyramid.
If there really was a moment one’s life flashed before their eyes before the moment of their death, Angst’s was, by far, prolonged. Vivid images of his childhood arose before him. It was as though we were reliving everything. Literally taking a trip down memory lane.
Why? He repeated in his mind, continuously and obsessively. He began to scratch his neck, enflaming his skin in red. Why, why, why?
“Angst, you seem really tense. Have you been here before?” Aura asked, slowly. She spoke gently, careful not to say anything hurtful. She sensed something was wrong. Anyone could.
Angst shook his head. “It feels like I’ve been here before.”
Genesis watching in pity. “Angst… you’re meant to be the happy one of us all. The support that keeps us going.”
“Forgive me, Genesis.” Angst paused for a second, looking up at the Pyramid’s apex. “Sometimes – sometim
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Adrian by MysticAbsolution Adrian :iconmysticabsolution:MysticAbsolution 1 7
Torn Dimension: Ch. 14 - The Scream
In an aphotic room, the five senses were limited. The only sounds were a constant dripping of water every minute, and the consistent feeble moans of a man. There was no change for another exiguous moment until, suddenly, a creek insinuated a door opening.
A glimpse of light. The man's pupils dilated, implying he experienced a severe flash blindness. The light revealed the man was half-naked. Long, greasy, black hair covered most of his face. Many deep cuts and scars and filled his body to the point skin was more scarce than gashes. There was a solid patch of crimson littered around his body.
As he slowly grew accustomed to the light, he was forced to adapt once more when the shadow of a man crept closer.
"It's a shame you wouldn't cooperate. The rest of the brīva griba eagerly awaited your arrival." He stated. His voice was abysmal and sinister. Dressed in a dark cloak; his head entirely covered by an opaque, white mask.
"I would never help such a group of psychopaths!" The v
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Torn Dimension: Ch. 13 - The Valley and Dreams
Genesis looked over at his mentor in anguish. As he scurried to the spot Daniel had pointed at, he couldn't look at anything but the ground. His emotions spiralled out of control.
"I can't allow Daniel to get to me like this anymore." He muttered under his breathe. He reached the spot and summoned his scythe. Looking up at Daniel, he saw the torment in his friend's eyes. "Daniel…"
Daniel summoned his bow. The camp fire glistened in the crystals of the weapon, causing the bow to take on an orange-red tint. He targeted Genesis. The words of Astra ran in his mind. The intent to kill. "Genesis, what would you do if I had the killing intent?"
Genesis narrowed his eyes in shock and disbelief. He looked over at his mentor, as if to ask whether he had seen any visions, but Angst was instead looking towards Daniel, his face showing bewilderment. His friend's words had placed him within a daze. He was silent; speechless.
"What would you do, then?" Daniel repeated. He fired an arrow but it l
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Torn Dimension: Ch. 12 - The One Who Could See
"Come with me." The King ordered, suddenly, after a strange silence between him and the warriors. He pointed in the direction of his throne. The warriors remained speechless. "Angst," he continued, "I would like you to follow too."
With his words the King began to walk ahead. Angst turned towards the warriors and signalled them to follow him. "You should stay close. I honestly have no idea what the King has in mind."
Without questioning, Daniel, Hope and Kira walked alongside Angst. Genesis turned to Aura and shrugged. His head sank.
Aura sighed. "He's the King… he wouldn't do anything silly. Besides, he's our lead to the Pulsus."
Genesis nodded. "I honestly had no doubts. I'm just confused about some things."
Aura walked up to Genesis and placed her hand upon his shoulder. "It's… Daniel, isn't it?"
Genesis looked ahead at Daniel scraping his feet as he walked before looking back towards Aura. He then shook his head frantically. "It's only been since this morning. He'll snap
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Inner Fears by MysticAbsolution Inner Fears :iconmysticabsolution:MysticAbsolution 1 8
Torn Dimension: Ch. 11 - Wilting Faith
At the other end of the portal, Genesis found himself on a narrow pathway surrounded by trees. Daniel, Hope, Kira and Aura stood in front of him. The strong, rancid stench of fire could be smelt in the distance.
"You took your time." Aura stated. "Come on," she said as she pointed in the direction the pathway led. "Termus is a few minutes away."
Kira shook as she and the rest of the group began to walk. "I really doubt we're ready for this, guys. I'm sorry..."
Daniel rushed beside Kira and placed his arms around her shoulder. "Hey, it's fine...we all have our doubts, right? We'll rise above the clouds if they don't disappear." He glanced over to Genesis, who had, upon realising Daniel's words were his own, begun looking at Daniel.
"I guess you're right Daniel; fate won't allow us to die yet."
A few minutes of walking and they had found themselves face to face with a large wooden gate, supported by large stonewalls. Signposts next to the gate revealed Termus to be hidden behind it. The
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Torn Dimension: Ch. 10 - Lee
All but Daniel stared in awe at the boy stood before them. Daniel awkwardly stood beside the others.
"It feels good to be finally able to meet you, Genesis." The boy spoke, catching Genesis' attention.
"How do you know my name?" He asked, impatiently. "And... who are you?"
The boy walked closer to Genesis until he stood a few steps away from him. Slowly, he took off his hood to reveal his face; he was identical to Genesis.
"W-Who are you and why did you want to meet me?"
The boy shook his head at Genesis' impatience. "Because I only knew you while you was in the coma."
Genesis turned to see four pairs of eyes gazing at him in confusion. His head dropped, "I don't have a clue what this boy is talking about..." Genesis turned in confusion and snapped at the boy. "Who are you?!"
The boy lifted his hand and poked Genesis on the forehead. "Put it this way, my name is Lee Zivot. Does that give you a hint?"
"Why...Why do you have the same surname as me...?" Genesis wondered aloud.
"I'm not to
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The Persona by MysticAbsolution The Persona :iconmysticabsolution:MysticAbsolution 1 40
Torn Dimension: Ch. 9 - Pandora's Jewel
"Here you are." The head soldier said as the door to the helicopter opened in front of the five. The man pulled a sincere smile as the group proceeded to walk off the authority's helicopter and into the woods surrounding Gaismas. The sun was beginning to rise in the distance through the treetops.
"Gosh, I'm glad we made it alright." Hope said, shaking. "I hope that's the last flying machine I ever get on."
Daniel patted Hope's back. "I know how you feel."
"Hardly," Hope said, timidly. "You all fell asleep on that journey. I've had hardly any sleep for over twenty-four hours."
Daniel continued to pat Hope on the back. "It's fine; at least you had...some?"
As Genesis walked out of the helicopter, the familiar air of Gaismas hit him. He saw Gaismas in the distance. The lake in the middle of the village glistened with the faint rays of sun.
"If I'd known the Pulsus was here I'd have stayed." Genesis sighed.
"Right then." The soldier said, catching the group's attention. "We'd best be off.
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Ouwnsel by MysticAbsolution Ouwnsel :iconmysticabsolution:MysticAbsolution 1 6
Torn Dimension: Ch. 8 - Crimson Snow
"Okay, Astra, I'll make sure to keep my distance...for now."
Astra smiled as she looked out to the Crevasse in front of her. "Thank you, Anima."
"Don't be too long, okay? You know our plan, don't you?"
Astra laughed, awkwardly. "Your brother's mad, master."
"You don't think it will work?"
"I didn't say that."
Aura walked through the Crevasse's pathway as the others followed behind her slowly. Just a little further and they would reach the centre. By now, the fear in the pit of Aura's stomach was beginning to disturb her train of thought.
"How much longer?" Kira moaned as she dragged her feet across the floor. "We didn't get much rest back there; my feet are killing me!"
"Please, be quite, Kira!" Aura yelled, abruptly. Kira pulled back in shock.
Aura's outburst shocked the others to the point there was silence for the rest of the journey. Above their heads, the ice began to close to form a roof. They were now in a cave.
The five finally reached a second wide-open area, similar to the
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Torn Dimension: Ch. 7 - The Aurora of the North
Genesis woke up to the sound of rain crashing onto the window beside his head. He listed his head from the pillows and rubbed it with his hands. He stared at the window, at the endless drops of water.
It had been a just less than a week ago, Daniel suggested they clear Aura's name. They had found nothing. Aura had to be kept hidden most of the time. She avoided going to visit her family entirely.
Genesis looked around the room, it was still as elegant as everyday prior. The light was on since the night before and Genesis sighed. Once he looked at the other beds, he saw Hope was still asleep. However, Daniel was gone. Genesis thought nothing of it until he remembered that Daniel was still slightly weak.
Genesis crawled out of bed. Creeping past Hope, he was careful not to wake him up. He reached his hand out for the doorknob and turned it.
As Genesis walked down the hallway, he remembered the last week. Nothing was revealed about the incident in Aura's past - or their fate. Genesis bega
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This journal is here to get rid of the one from New Years as dat a baaad journal.

There's pretty much nothing to say about what's happening right now in my life.
Pretty normal, yeah.

Nothing much happened. Totally not.
I'm okay. Still alive and kicking.

And I most certainly am doing pretty well with life.

The reason why I haven't been posting anything is because I was lying up there, yeah my life got a bit weird. xD
Is it getting better? No. No it's not. But it will~

What kind of stuff happened you ask?
Of course you didn't ask.
But I'm not saying anyway, because that's between me and the people involved. ;___;

Bai now.


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