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Darknut - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
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Published: July 12, 2012
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April 18th, 2014 - Won a $75 Award at 3rd Friday's Comic Book Illustration Gallery in Salisbury, MD for "Best Use of Form, Integrity, and Expressive Power."

This is my 2nd submission for the "Legend of Zelda: Link's Blacklist" Art Tribute. :icongame-art-hq: Please feel free to look at some of the other artwork in this tribute. A lot of them are truly spectacular.…

Here is the Game-Art-HQ article for my Darknut submission written by :iconreinhold-hoffmann: :…

Ever since the first game, the Darknut has become one of the most formidable foes Link has ever faced. And my favorite example is the Darknut from Twilight Princess. Compared to Wind Waker's Darknut, both of them are fun to take on, however, TP's Darknut was even more fun for me because it was a lot more challenging and engaging in this intense swordplay combat. Both versions involve disarming the Darknut's armor, but TP's Darknut becomes even more dangerous once his heavy armor has been stripped. Without his armor on, his agility & faster swordplay rivals that with Link's. Also, what I like about this Darknut is that it serves as the perfect test towards the player's sword skills after learning all those secret sword techniques and therefore preparing yourself before your final confrontation with Ganondorf. In Wind Waker, you just need to Parry (basically a quick-time event/counter attack) and then attack the Darknut, making it easier than it looks.

Here's my other submission: Gohma (Wind Waker)
Gohma - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker by Mystic-Forces

* Legend of Zelda's Darknut is copyrighted to Nintendo
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Comments (69)
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Truly awesome picture. The Darknut is my favourite enemy of the franchise.
What a shame, that they didn't got into Breath of the Wild. But Lynels are a pretty good challenge, too.
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RamboCreativity's avatar
My favorite enemy of all time, and I've been here twice it seems.
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FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Gosh how incredible! I do like this style of yours^^ I hope you'll do some kind of action scenes someday with your work~ I'm just suggesting is all^^
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MichaelaWalton's avatar
MichaelaWalton|Hobbyist General Artist
the most evil thing to ever be created
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RamboCreativity's avatar
There should really be more art of the TP dark nut.
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*smile evilly* now it starting to get good.
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MetalBrony823's avatar
I always wondered what kind of creature or what a Darknut from Twilight princess looks like. The one in the Wind Waker reminded me of a jackal like creature, could this version of a Darknut be the same thing? or is is a human? or a demonic humanoid race of some kind? What do you all think?
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Fuzzinator23|Hobbyist General Artist
I remember this, he was my favorite enemy!
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J4B|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Darknut from twilight Princess doesn't mess around.
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NinSega's avatar
NinSega|Hobbyist Writer
They're the hardest enemies I've ever faced in The Legend of Zelda games.
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oldmanwinters's avatar
Ugh, I hate fighting these guys!

Funny name though.... hehe
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MarioGuy3's avatar
That is my favorite mini-boss in the game.

And the picture is well drawn mate.
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DrunkPlrate's avatar
ah Darknuts~
they will always be my fave mini bosses <<
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hallyboo123|Hobbyist Digital Artist
(I know the other comments are 2+ years old, but I thought I should comment)

The Darknut was the coolest miniboss EVAR!
Well, Deathsword was too.
And--never mind.
The Darknut nearly made me wet my pants when I first played this!
Anyway, love the use of the action lines! :D
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wallavan000|Hobbyist Writer
Amazing. No other word describes it.
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Brutechieftan's avatar
Brutechieftan|Hobbyist General Artist
IF this was Skyrim a Fus Ro Dah is in order. But this is not Skyrim :D
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mobiusonedt's avatar
mobiusonedt|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man, I'm gonna be fighting these guys in TP soon. Sure hope I'm ready.
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Ramman05's avatar
Awesome! :D
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sayuri4muu's avatar
This guy in the cave of ordeals with his brothers!
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Darkburster1's avatar
Darkburster1|Hobbyist General Artist
just fricken awsome!
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ClarkyGirl's avatar
This is awesome!

Those Farore damned darknuts!
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