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My No. 9 Animated Villain: AKU

Series Appearance: Samurai Jack (2001)
Voiced by: Mako (voiced Uncle Iroh in "Avatar: The Last Airbender")
My Favorite Quotes:
- Who dares to summon the Master of Masters, the Deliver of Darkness, the Shogun of Sorrow, Aku?

- Now, how do you put it? Oh, yes! Your time on this "miserable, Aku-infested land" continues! [evil laughter as he flies away]

- [squeaky mouse voice] I'll get you yet, Samurai!

Who would have thought the face of evil could be so simplistic and so iconic at the same time, but don't let his rejected Muppet face fool you, Aku is someone you should never underestimate with, and he is definitely one who would deliver horrible punishments among those who would challenge him; especially for the samural called Jack who knows full well of the consequences when it comes to facing this treacherous demon. In the past, the noble samurai was about to destroy Aku until the devious demon had enough time to cast a spell on Jack where he is sent into the far future in which Aku is now the master of the Earth.

Although Aku cannot defeat Jack face to face since the samurai carries the only weapon that can hurt him, the demonic overlord is always watching Jack as he waits for the perfect opportunity to destroy Jack once and for all. However, that hasn't stop Aku from constantly antagonizing and taunting Jack as the samurai quests for a way to return to the past. The best victory Aku had over Jack was when he shape-changed himself as a beautiful warrior woman named Ikra. Not only had Ikra tricked Jack into forming a friendship with her (or him... I don't know how you would decide on this matter), but Jack also led Ikra to the gem that could help him travel back in time, which Ikra smashed it right away once they found it. It is with shock and horror that Jack found out that Ikra was really Aku all along as he openly mocks the hero for his foolishness and gullibility. And before he leaves Jack to his misery, Aku finishes it off by saying my favorite quote #2.

Aku is also know for his hilariaty as well as for his evilness. The first example is "Aku's Fairy Tales" where he tries to tell stories to appeal to the children of his city. Another example is "Jack vs. Aku" where before their duel, they have some very awkard conversations. He also has one of the best demonic laughs I have ever heard (well, despite the fact that he is a demon -- nevermind).

*Aku is copyrighted to Cartoon Network

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Lego vs Heronicle version...

Aku: Long ago in the human world, I, Aku, the shape shifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil! But a foolish human boy, holding the Lego Brick, step forth to oppose me. (Cory (Me) fights Aku with his Lego sword) Before the final blow with struck, I tore open the Lego black hole and banish him to the new worlds, where he'll never return! Now the fool seeks help from other heroes and stops the evil future that is AKU!