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Hey there! You can call me Mystic, and I mostly use dA to play ARPGs!

You can find me most active in the following, in order of involvement <3





Main ARPG critters!

ID 44380
ID 2280
Said the Stars 35598
Quill 11186

Selling Slots!

Selling Slots!

Perms will be written after payment is received! For rolls, that means all of them must be submitted to the group. I can help with this, just ask! USD to be sent via paypal goods and services, rolls should have 1 image/lit piece submitted per week Tier 1 $5 / 8k TT / 3 ARs / 3 Trait Tokens Tier 2 $10 / 15k TT / 5 ARs / 5 Trait Tokens    (Popular) Tier 3 $15 / 20k TT / 8 ARs / 8 Trait Tokens        (Silvertongue) Tier 4 $20 / 28k TT / 10 ARs / 10 Trait Tokens Tier 5 $35 / 45k TT / 17 ARs / 17 Trait Tokens None currently

Mystic's Geno Sales

Mystic's Geno Sales

Thinking about rejoining a CS, so selling some kids to raise some funds~ Feel free to haggle, but please don't lowball! These should hopefully already be pretty affordable~ 1) Male, Half Mane Submissive - Healthy DWARFISM ee/aa/TT/MM+M/nC/AA/nG Extended marked collared greying tundra with accents $13 3) Male, Half Mane Average - Healthy DWARFISM ee/AA/TT/nM/CC/AA/nCr/nRm/nMrl+l Marked collared cream tawny merle with liver points, accents and rainmarks --Hereditary Traits:-- Caver $12 4) Male, Short Mane Average - Healthy ee/AA/tt/nM/CC/AA/nG/PngPng/nFl/nD/nSm Marked collared greying dun brown with accents, pangare, flecking and starmarks --Hereditary Traits:-- Caver Excellent Conformation Patience Passionate Wild Heart $15 4) Female

Which tokos mane type should be in the first release of...

  |  20 votes
  • Curly
  • Barb
  • Razor
  • Yeti
  • Long
  • Silky
  • Short