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Who are you
Who are you?
I've been here so many times I lost count. Sinking in the seat that every single day I crash into, hoping for some way to just become happier while watching a screen. I laugh, shout, and cry in front of that screen. Every single day is the same routine. Go to sleep, eat, go outside doing whatever the day demands of me, then I come back home and crash.
Time became useless for me years ago. Ever since I left my home to live on my own, I've managed to handle myself...ok. Sure I got problems, stupid situations, chores that I'm too lazy to do a lot of the time until really necessary, and my love life could use a spice or two, but all in all, I consider my life normal.
A knock happened. I groan, look at my phone, then groan again. Who comes to someone's house uninvited at this hour? Not wanting to offend anyone, my feet grudgingly hoist my body off the comfort of my seat and walked towards the door.
I open the door with the knob only halfway. Never can be too careful these days.
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Your Tale
A lone figure stood in front of a stone. A stone looking like it was stabbed into the dirt. Around the figure were rows upon rows of countless other stones thrust into the dirt. This figure was ancient but still carried on. This sight of a figure standing alone in the midst of stones was not the first time this happened. This figure had seen decades worth of history, and unfortunately, history often carried misfortune along with it.
"How many. How many this time?" The figure carefully set a single flower on the stone in front of them.
"Fast...slow...courageous...coward...painful...painless..." The figure said softly as feet marched by stone after stone. "Each grave tells a tale." The figure then turned and stared up at the sky.
"When my time finally comes...what will my tale be?"
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A contest entry for iduna-haya by mysterysneeze A contest entry for iduna-haya :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 11 20
Birthday gift for a fan of Mushroom Kingdom
A servant Becomes the Master! ...Temporarily
Red and white. White and red. Why in all of the Mushroom Kingdom did so many of my brothers have the exact same colors and outfit as me? It was beyond irritating. At least Toadette was pink and had a bright personality to separate herself from the rest of our kind! Captain Toad had his trademark adventure outfit. Me? I was just a toad. A toad among hundreds of toads.
It is hard to be someone like me. Super short, wimpy as a goomba, not to mention having to always rely on our hero, Mario, and never relying on myself to get anything done. Needless to say, being just another average toad was not something I particularly liked. Sometimes I felt like nothing I ever did mattered. Someone else would do things first, or do them better.
The one good thing that came with being a toad was being a servant. Usually, for most of Bowsers and the Mushroom Kingdom outside of the palace, being a servant was frowned upon. However, I was a servant to the incred
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The Rumors
Rumors existed no matter which race you belonged to. Whether an individual had access to magic or did not have a drop of it in their entire soul, every single individual could create or listen to a rumor. Right at this moment, a young woman with traces of magic was listening to a rumor from her mentor.
"Tales of this woman have reached far and wide. Even to us Lamia, the tale of the human is important to us."
Even if the mentor was older than her pupil, the mentor had a cheery, mischievous glint in her eyes as she looked at her pupil. The mentor could tell the younger Lamia was drinking in every word, thrilled at the thoughts running in her mind. Whatever the young woman was thinking was hard to tell, but the mentor was thrilled that finally someone was willing to listen to the rumor without freaking out.
Catt was the mentor's name, and she was well known in the Lamia community. With her short white hair, clever mind, quick actions, and her specialty in Necromancy, Catt was
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Breaking in becomes Breaking Out
Breaking In Becomes Breaking Out
The night sky overhead cast dark shadows along the mysterious tall figure walking along the field of a massive station base. This base was filled to the brim of mechanical metal flooring, shiny silver color, and practically every surface was polished and sparkling with neatness. It was a very unusual sight for a Robotnik base. The figure swayed and was peculiarly wavy as it did so. A voice that wasn’t from the figure’s mouth moaned and grumbled. Unnatural lines along the clothing of the figure mysteriously got more noticeable and even moved. It was clear someone was inside the clothing, moving around. Why in the hell did she agree to this? …
Sally Acorn, princess of the tribe of Mobians, had called for a meeting between friends of nature and freedom. Robotnik was the enemy, and he had to be stopped before one of his dastardly plans succeeded. This base had been a shock to everyone, coming up seemingly overnight. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles,
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Growing up Stronger
Growing Up Stronger, More Beautiful
In the past, several instances would have terrified a certain young woman rodent. She called herself a young woman, and she certainly had enough experiences in her life to justify that. She may have been young, but she had a charm and wit about her that made her adaptable and a joy to be around. She practically glowed when she was cheerful. Those instances that would have terrified her, the mere sight of a cat and losing sight of her parents, did not affect her nearly as often.
Tanya was growing, both mentally and physically. She had gotten taller, her ears and her muzzle had more noticeable length to them, and her voice was a little more stern and sweet, not as high as before but still like music to listen to her talk. She still was self conscious about her little freckles dotting her cheeks, and her nose was an unusually bright with its pinkish peach color and always a light white spot shone on it whenever the sun was out. Even with these little de
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Misfortune with a cartoon cold
The director bit his lip as a muffled scream happened in his mouth. He tried to calm down by breathing heavily through his nose.
“Roger, it really isn’t that complicated. Wait, it SHOULDN’T be this complicated. Let’s go again, from the top this time, and this time…signal if your nose even so much as tickles. Got it?”
Roger immediately gave a signal. The director slammed a gloved hand onto his forehead. This was gonna be a long shoot.
A lady with a tall physical appearance strolled her way through the mess of the room. She had a very noticeable curve to her hips, a smile that would knock the socks off of any man in the history of men, a full, thick red hairstyle, and her outfit was a dazzlingly stylish black headmaster outfit. She was playing the role of the leader of a circus, with a voice that was soothing, alluring, booming, and sweet all at the same time.
“Roger baby, you feelin’ alright?”
“No. N…Not a…aa…
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A Contest within a Contest by mysterysneeze A Contest within a Contest :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 12 14
An Unlikely Bond
In a mysterious land there were two mighty kingdoms. One such kingdom was called Askr, and the other called Emblia. For a time, these two kingdoms worked together in harmony. However, everything changed when the Emblians attacked. The Askr and Emblia kingdoms each had a special ability. One had the power to open a gateway to any world they desired, while the other had the ability to close existing gateways. This led to much friction between the two kingdoms, and eventually, Askr began to seek extra assistance against the attacking Emblian forces.
Deep within Askr there is a weapon that was connected to the abilities of both kingdoms. This weapon could pull power of existing individuals out of their own worlds, not their entire bodies so their worlds wouldn't be defenseless without them, but still gaining the power of the individual that was "summoned."
One of the commanders of Askr, a fiery passionate redhead named Anna, took the weapon and performed a ritual, hoping t
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Distant Growth
Distant Growth of a Season
In a land filled with different creatures than our own land, there lived a species of dark fur of purple or blue shades. They had long ears, a flexible fluffy tail, and their hands were capable of all kinds of things that most other animals could not replicate. They were expressive, lived in family groups, and depended on one another for survival in their land. You see, their land was full of dangers. Serpents, dinosaurs, massive plants that could be helpful or very threatening, and other carnivorous reptiles. One such reptile was a blue skinned giant lizard named Blister.
Blister was a sly, clever, greedy reptile. He loved to get gain, and loved to see those he viewed beneath him get their own ‘rewards’…usually the reward of being eaten. However, Blister had one thing in the entire land he absolutely despised, a creature called Zingy. Zingy was one of the purple furred creatures that was funny, charismatic, a troublemaker to friend and foe
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A remix boss battle by mysterysneeze A remix boss battle :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 41 63 Ouch by mysterysneeze
Mature content
Ouch :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 2 66
A new exchange experience
A New Twist
Everything was calm one winter day. Students were in class, the snow was falling in the sky, and the individual monster girls were having fun with each other. Rochelle, the gargoyle girl, was touching her wings. Frankie the monster was giggling with her best friend, a werewolf girl named Clawdeen. Dozens of other beautiful, colorful, and fashionable monster girls were in the class.
As the teacher got to the front, there was someone...different with her. Every student began to whisper to each other, confused and interested. Who was this stranger?
"Class, today we have a visitor. Introduce yourself." The teacher looked down at the girl.
"Hey. I can speak for myself. I am Hamina. Hamina Plutos." The girls in the classroom began to whisper more. No one had ever heard of a monster with that last name before. There was no other monster girl in the entire school that even looked like this new person!
Hamina was downright attractive in a mysterious way. She didn't wear too much, sh
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gift for playstation man
A firework display boomed along the night sky. A black and white chubby figure looked out at it, a little shaken but still did his best to enjoy the festival. Christmas in the village always was a good time. The Furious Five had once again saved the day for an entire year. This holiday was like a reminder of all the triumphs this year held. Ever since the run in with the peacock fireworks were…unsettling, but it was impossible not to use them for festivals.
“Mantis, do we ever have a festival without so many of these things?” Po talked down to a friend of his. The bug chuckled and rubbed his legs together. “Nope. Get use to it.”
Po sighed and just started shoving his face with dumplings. He moaned with pleasure at the taste, then he swallowed hurringly as a beautiful furred creature walked up to him. With colorful stripes and fierce eyes but a pleasant looking figure, Tigress never once managed to not look amazing. Po however noticed she had little tiny pi
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Favorite characters from Fire Emblem series part 1
Yesterday I may have been really sad, but today I wanted to write something to help cheer myself up. Fire Emblem is one of my favorite gaming series, and I've thought about which characters are my favorite. I usually like female characters more than male ones, and with Fire Emblem that is very true. I'll do a list sometime of my male favorite characters, but for now I wanted to share who are my personal favorite female characters in the Fire Emblem series ^^ I showed picture links to let people who never played any of these games know what the character I talk about look like.
20-Sakura from Fates
She is number 20 because she is kind of forgettable but she is such a sweetheart and I can easily relate to her shy personality. She's cute and a healer but other than that and her shyness there is not much more to her character XD
19-Sonya from Echoes. The newest game on the 3DS, So
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I'll keep this short. I'm alive but I've been battling some serious issues in my life and I'm trying really hard to take care of myself but I haven't been doing well at all honestly. I've felt horrible in multiple ways and I'm striving to get back to my usual way of thinking.

I will return here on DA and other places when I am able to. 

I hope to talk with you guys soon!


United States
First thing you will notice, I like sneezes in cartoons and anime a lot. I think they're interesting and have so many different ways to be expressed. There's so many different sounds and expressions, even in the single college I'm in right now!

I'm a friendly guy who tries to be nice whenever I can. I'm different from two years ago in the way that I am not naive anymore. I know from experience that there are things out there that people should never go through. Life can be DOWNRIGHT hard. That doesn't mean I shouldn't do the best I can, and if I can help someone else in a small way, I'll do that.

Besides sneezes, I like other things too. Dragons, macros, giants/giantesses, angels, and good people in general. Anime is awesome to me :D I find the many different styles fascinating to me. Cartoons are great too, but I like anime better

I do NOT like pornography, jerks, or misunderstandings. Oh. And calculus. I do not like calculus.


84 deviations
I'll keep this short. I'm alive but I've been battling some serious issues in my life and I'm trying really hard to take care of myself but I haven't been doing well at all honestly. I've felt horrible in multiple ways and I'm striving to get back to my usual way of thinking.

I will return here on DA and other places when I am able to. 

I hope to talk with you guys soon!
I have time to myself now and I'll spend the next few days while I can commenting and finishing up things. I had a lot to prepare for with this incoming fall semester.

Good luck to everyone going to school soon too!
I've been gone for over 3 weeks and for a few huge reasons. The biggest one: I nearly died by a blindsiding van turning into my driver side. Cars really, REALLY need to turn on their blinkers when changing lanes, especially when a person is in a big company van or truck. Some people say when they're a moment away from dying they see their life flash before their eyes. That didn't happen to me, but time did seem to slow down. I definitely believe in guardian angels because I seriously should have been smashed to oblivion. I'm extremely grateful that didn't happen. What's sad is this didn't happen during my delivery job. It simply happened on a normal day going home.

I learned a valuable lesson: do things you enjoy or want to do while you are able to, because even a normal day could become your last day alive.

Another huge reason I haven't been able to log on here or on any forum is because someone or something broke outside my house. They didn't steal anything but did destroy my house's electrical system/box. It was in horrid shape. It is fixed now but it was scary seeing how bad the metal and wires were all ruined.

I'm extremely thankful I'm a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Fellow members do care and have helped me avoid completely falling into a deep depression mode. Weekly activities and church on Sundays have helped me a lot.

My brother had a bad accident happen to him too. He use to live out of state. His accident happened and me and my family members picked him up and helped him move his stuff back in our own home. The accident was bad enough where his boss, coworkers, and even his neighbors all told him to move back home. He is alive and I'm really happy he is, but I can tell he has some lingering after affects. 

July has been, honestly, really rough and scary month overall. I have a lot I need to write and need to catch up on seeing. Over 9500 watch notifications here on DA, not to mention trying to see what other forums and youtube have done during my time away.

I will reply to comments and notes first while I am able to during this week. Forgive me for vanishing. I wasn't able to stop life from happening. 

Even so, I am happy that things are not worse than they are =) I'm alive and am still able to function. Things could be much worse and I'm extremely thankful to be able to move and still be alive.

It will take me awhile to catch up, but I will do what I can.


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How are you?
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It is good to have a full meal =)

My holiday so far has been very nice. Thank you for asking!

I have been extremely slow. I will catch up when I can with commenting on things
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