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Today's update brings you Yagokori Eirin, the pharmacist at Eientei who created the fabled Hourai Elixir.  Eirin was illustrated by Inma R, who also did Sanae's character card. 

Eirin is the healer of Danmaku!! and is an exceptional team player.  Her Ability allows her to do things like play Graze! cards for other players without discarding a Danmaku card.  She can also use a Beer to give another character an extra life, not just save them from defeat.

Her spell card, Hourai Elixir, effectively turns her entire hand into Beer cards.  It can really pull your team back from the edge of defeat.  

Help me, Eirin!
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Why do Touhous love to screw up the weather?

Today we bring you the first final art for an Incident, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.  Painted by Wanaca90, who also did Marisa's Character Card.  Check out her deviantArt gallery or support her on Patreon where she's drawing sexy arts (Not suitable for children or workplace environments).

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody is an incident that messes with everyone's hand.  On your turn you either gain or lose a card from your hand, or swap hands with another player.

To end the Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, the Incident must collect two cards of each season to bring balance back to nature.

Meteorologist's Nightmare

Of course we have wallpapers for you! Pick your poison below.


2560 × 1920
1920 × 1200
1920 × 1080
1600 × 1200
1280 × 720
1024 × 768
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We were so wowed with Saiyagina's work on Utsuho that we invited her to create the cover art for Danmaku!!'s box.  If you've seen the Shoot! card illustration, this might look familiar. This piece was created to serve that dual purpose. With the full picture revealed we see Yukari is the target of Reimu's extermination, though Yukari doesn't seem terribly troubled by the shrine maiden's onslaught.


As a gift to our fans, we've made this amazing illustration available as a desktop wallpaper in multiple sizes.  

2560x1920 (SD)
1600x1200 (SD)
1024x768 (SD)
1920x1200 (Wide)
1920x1080 (HD)
1280x720 (HD)
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The Celestial, Hinanawi Tenshi, joins Danmaku!! to stir up trouble.  Tenshi was illustrated by Kyuriin (…).

tenshi wallpaper 1080

Tenshi is one of the most popular characters in Danmaku!!  Since Tenshi originated in one of the Touhou fighting games, she is all about challenging people.  In fanon, she is also often depicted as a masochist, so we gave her an ability where she wants to get hurt.  She wants it bad.

Her spell card, Sword of Swagger, allows her to draw two cards and mimic the Challenge card.  If Tenshi loses the challenge she gains yet another 2 cards thanks to her ability.

Tenshi Character Card

Tenshi is fun because she rewards players for playing recklessly.  She can overextend herself though - if she runs out of defense and can't draw more, she may get more punishment than she asked for.
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Remilia Scarlet

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Remilia Scarlet, Mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, comes to Danmaku!! illustrated by Rumi-Kuu.  More of her art can be found here….

Remilia Mobile Wallpaper

Remilia's ability allows her to steal a card from anyone whose attack she avoids.  This has a strong chilling affect on other players, attacking becomes a risky proposition.  

Her spell card, Spear the Gungnir, never misses its mark.  Getting a Bomb as Remilia guarantees someone is losing a life.  

Remilia Character Card

If you're playing as Remilia, keep playing mind games with your opponents.  Make sure they know that if they attack you they could lose big time.  Your spell card can't be avoided, but you can only play it on your turn.  Make sure you time it right to spoil someone's plans.

If you're playing against Remilia don't be afraid to attack her.  Play your cards in the right order and even if you get stolen from you won't miss what you lose.
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