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The Ming Doyle Online Shop Is now Open! --->

Hey all! Well, after almost a decade of meaning to put this together, my online shop is finally open! I've put together a selection of brand new items just for the occasion, each lovingly hand-signed and packaged:

• Wonder Motif Tote Bag --->…

• "Girl Reporters" Print Set --->…

• "Flashbacca" Print --->…

• "Pop Culture" Print Set --->…

Shipping anywhere in the US is fulfilled via USPS Priority Mail and costs only $4.70, no matter how many items you buy. International orders will likewise be sent via USPS First Class International Mail for a flat rate of $6.00 USD.

I had a lot of fun designing both the prints and the tote bag, and I hope I can come up with even more neat products in the future! Questions or concerns? I'd love your feedback! Please do comment here or write me:

Thanks for looking! :)
  • Listening to: Maiden Names - Blackout Shades
Hey pals, I am such a huge, huge fan of this musical project that I am going to post about it. At length. It's seriously worth a quick, casual listen, and it's downright delicious for people who are into backstory.

An album of music inspired by Batman,
his acquaintances, loves, and foes
by Maiden Names

:iconjimothy-bobert: is the songwriter/singer

This is a project that's been over a year in the making. Alexa is a talented visual artist as well as a gifted musician, who happens to have an abiding interest in the cast of characters who populate Gotham.

♪ Listen to and/or purchase Alexa and Mark's Batman-inspired album, Blackout Shades, at the Maiden Names' Bandcamp!

♪ Learn about Alexa's inspirations and thoughts on the Dark Knight in a special installment of the Make Believers podcast!…

♪ Watch the Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow music video, directed by my boyfriend Neil Cicierega, at

Here's a track listing, along with who/what the songs are about:

1. Love Your Enemy (Joker)
2. American Hero (Two-Face)
3. Your Suffering (Scarecrow)
4. Stop Bleeding (Batman)
5. Blackout Shades (Alfred)
6. Come Down to Earth (Poison Ivy)
7. Eyeblack (Bruce Wayne)
8. I'm Your Bitch (Harley Quinn)
9. No Slack (Catwoman)
  • Listening to: Maiden Names - Blackout Shades
I finally hopped on the Tumblr train. <-- mingdoyle . tumblr . com

Please feel free to hit me with your Tumblrs, too. It's a Tumblramabonanza!
Hey pals, if any of you are going to be going to SDCC this week, I'd love to see you! Drop on by :star::star: Table N11 in Small Press :star::star: where I'll be representing Agreeable Comics with Kevin Church and Tracie Mauk. THE LONELIEST ASTRONAUTS books will be on hand, along with copies of "This Journal Belongs to..." and a small assortment of original art.

Agreeable Comics site with Table # and dates:

If I'm not at N11, chances are I'm hanging around Table :star::star: DD10 in Artist Alley :star::star: with :iconericcanete: and crew or lying in a miserable puddle of expired exhaustion somewhere near the exit. ;)

Hope to see some of you soon!
Hey friends! I want to send a big thanks out there to anyone who purchased "This Journal Belongs to..."… or helped spread the word. I've sold more than HALF the books needed to recoup the printing costs on my sketchbook!

I totally feel much less petrified. Between the rest of the convention season and the perpetual Internet, the end may be in sight. You all make a girl think she's less crazy for trying!

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Thanks for all the interest in my sketchbook, pals! If you'd like to order a copy of "This Journal Belongs to..." from the comfort of your home, I am now taking online orders!

You can pick up a copy HERE:

:omfg: [ ] :omfg:

Cheesy video, I know!

US/domestic orders are pretty easy to fulfill with PayPal, but the international ordering process is unfortunately pretty bulky. For now, I'm asking that international customers write to my friendly art rep, Jason, to get a quote on shipping prices before ordering. More info on that at the link above!

I know it's a hassle, and I'm sorry we can't ship these all out for free. I appreciate your support and kind words more than I can express at this juncture. DA is a super caring community, and I hope you guys enjoy looking at my new book or just keeping up with my gallery!
I made a "motion comic" of Lunky Beefhead, my Lois Lane/Clark Kent fashion disaster piece from 2007. Now you can watch sartorial heartbreak in slo-mo!

:superman: ...… ... :superman: <-- YouTube page

And if you want to read (or reread, my goodness!) Clark's lunky misadventures, here are two ways:

@ my website:…

@ my gallery:…
Last weekend was the Boston Comic-Con and it was great fun! Kevin Church and I shared a table along with TJ Kirsch (the artist on She Died in Terrebonne…) and had a lovely time chatting with good people. But perhaps my most exciting announcement of the con is that

The Agreeable Comics Shop is now online!

★★★… ★★★

That's right, you can now pick up the first print edition of The Loneliest Astronauts with or without an original piece of Dan or Steve art!

    "The first The Loneliest Astronauts is a great way to introduce your family and friends to the joys of two men trapped with each other in a desperate situation that still make the time to hate each other. $4.00"

Because remember, OUTER SPACE! YAY!
My first collaborative tragi-comedic webcomic launches (INTO SPACE) today! Kevin Church writes, I draw, and astronauts Steve and Dan are stranded on an alien planet with nothing but the remains of their spaceship and crew mates to keep them company. Somehow they still manage to make the best of it, though! Well, Dan does at least.


The Loneliest Astronauts updates weekly, on Tuesdays. Add it to your RSS feeds! Keep an eagle eye on these guys! Help bring them home, if that is even an option!
There are three things I enjoy that I believe even the most casual observer could guess at based on sensor readings from over a lightyear away, and those three things are artwork, friends, and outer space.

Therefore it gives me pleasure to announce that I will be working on a glorious piece of art with my friend Kevin Church SET IN OUTER SPACE.



:bulletwhite: "Astronauts Dan and Steve are stuck in a distant alien solar system, the last survivors of a mission that went horribly wrong and left the rest of their ten-strong crew dead. They're light years from home on an airless moon, living on carefully-rationed supplies, and unable to contact Earth. The worst part of all this? They hate each other's guts.

:bulletwhite: The Loneliest Astronauts will be updated weekly, on Tuesdays."

Hope to see some of you there! In spaaaaaccccccceeeeeeeee. :ufo: