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Robins I, IV, II and III. One oath, four different approaches.

August, 2007
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love this!
all you need now is Damian and Carrie. :)
Great job. Just an amusing aside; Jason was shorter than Tim when he was Robin. (Jason was 5”4 at his death at 15.5; Tim at 16 is 5”6.) 
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Fantastic. Really great job.
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This is so epic! :)
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Your style is just gorgeous. Love this!
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Thanks so much! :)
space6's avatar
and no al ghul spawn in sight, good job, and great picture
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Thanks! Though to be fair, I drew this picture before Damian existed.
lisago's avatar
Great piece and I love the caption too. Your style works very well with these subjects!
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Thanks so much! I have an abiding affection for Robins.
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Wonderful art! Loved it!
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Thank you, I'm so glad!
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You're style is inspiring! LOVE this!
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Thanks so much, I'm super flattered to hear that!
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Beautiful. Much kudos.

Love Tim's cape. Looks great.
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Thanks tons! I love to go a bit gothic on capes, it's true.
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what would the batfam be without goth capes?!?
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Thanks so much. :)
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The strong blacks on top of the Green and Reds were the first to catch my eye from the thumbnail.
Although I thought Todd's outfit was slightly more different than Dick's... hmmm...

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I think they wore the same outfit but had pretty different body types... though I could be completely wrong! Thanks all the same. :)
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I have no idea... I had a couple Robin issues growing up and never got the memo that Dick was no longer Robin!! lol
Like... by now I am more than aware of all the Robin's and where those characters went after being Robin... but growing up I always thought Dick was Robin, never realizing that the books I had were following Tim Drake (in his green/red suit before the full red and black suit) and that Dick was now this Nightwing character I kept seeing advertisements for in my comics.

So I dunno honestly ;) I know the back stories more but I have no idea about the body types... I just thought MAYBE he had a slightly different suit.

Anyways, I still love what you did :)
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Very nice, love the detail.
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Thanks! Glad you appreciated the little touches.
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