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FCBD 2011 Sketches

Compilation of all my sketches from Free Comic Book Day, 2011 at Comicopia in Kenmore Square!
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simply amazing -- later days
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Cool. I, sadly, missed Free Comic Book Day...was travelling... : (
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so many thors! all amazing, ming. i bet you made a lot of people happy last weekend!
noropro's avatar
Hotness! My favorites are the Supergirl (she looks fierce!) and the Wonder Woman talking to "Andrea!" :D
mysteryming's avatar
Thanks, girl! Those two are my personal favorites as well. :)
blasster's avatar
great job, i didn't get a free comic book
mysteryming's avatar
Thanks! And FCBD happens every year in the first week of May, so there's always that.
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Oh, gorgeous! Thor is a *biscuit*, and I could meditate on your Diana's thighs. And the way her boobies *are in the right place*! *hugs you forevers*
mysteryming's avatar
Thor IS a biscuit, that's just the perfect word for him. And I'm glad you approve of my various Dianaisms!

Thank you as ever, Te. <3
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so cool.
i wish i could have made any of the free comic book day happenings.
do you ever go to the life drawing at the mfa?
mysteryming's avatar
We were just at the MFA last Wednesday and saw some life drawing going on, but were too shy to join in! I'll have to get over that silliness.
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i'm pretty shy about it as well.
i just go with james and his lady and sit in the farthest corner from everyone else.
but it's the best because it's free
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These are lovely as ever. I love that your Batman seems to be in the costume with the gray top...
mysteryming's avatar
Thank you! And yes, the gray top/black accents uniform shall forever be my favorite.
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You make Earth 1/616 a better place.
mysteryming's avatar
1/616th of a thank you, Max.
marcobat16's avatar
I meant either Earth 1 or Earth 616 but I suppose given all the goodness in the world and the size of the world that the math works.
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Aah, amazing ink work as per usual!
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Thanks Yaz! You are too kind. <3
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Those are the FOMB!
mysteryming's avatar
Haha, thank you! Keep that Friends of Make Believers spirit going strong. :D
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