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5 Favorite X-Men

By mysteryming
Inspired by Evan Shaner AKA :icondocshaner:, here are my five favorite X-Men (probably posing for their new Institute ID photos).
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Finally, an ethnically loyal interpretation of 'storm' - looks great!
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I can't find that Evan Shaner piece, but you definitely inspired me to do one of my own. :thumbsup:
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I wouldn't be able to pinpoint the specifics right now but there's something in the way that you've drawn all of them that's a bit unique and I like it; Jubilee, Beast, and Storm look super cool. Makes me wish I could see Nightcrawler in your style, lucky to see Storm and Gambit though!
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Jubilee and Storm came out wonderful! And great job with the details on each face :)
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Absolutely love this! Definitely five of my favorites too.
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Interesting fav five. Not sure who mine would be. Rogue and Wolverine are two for sure though.
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I like how by comparison your wolverine is grizzzzzlllllled
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I think these are also my favorite five X-Men. Awesome. :)
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