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This is part 1 and 2 of a 3 part series exploring a potential "What If?" scenario created from the That's So Raven episode "Don't Have a Cow." This takes place in a continuity where Raven fails to stop herself and Chelsea from turning into cows. After years of taking care of them, they are left on a farm to live like the animal they became until their families can find a way to change them back.  How will they adjust to life on the farm? 

Please let me know you thoughts in the comments. It could be your feelings towards the original episode, what you think of this story, and how you would've handled the potential aftermath if Raven's cow transformation came true.

Edit: I've included part 2 here and took out some parts that people have criticized in the past. Again, I appreciate any feedback!
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this is so cow
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That's So Cow: Don't Have a Raven

If you're interested in the other parts, click on the ones in the link. Had some problems with DeviantArt. Feel free to add feedback if you want once you're done!
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bruh, that's so cow, i'm getting a contact cow
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I like it!  I'm curious what the revised chapters will be like!  Thanks for continuing to share with us here!  :-)
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Glad to hear. Feel free to let me know any specific thoughts or ideas you have along the way.