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Looks like it's about that one again, homes.

Before you say anything, first thing’s first. I will NOT take your commission suggestions or requests as soon as you finished reading or as soon as this journal is announced, at this time.

Secondly, yes, I will be opening commissions once more, but it will be on a limited basis. The next journal I will post after this one WILL be when commissions are officially open.

Third of all, I have decided to update my prices, and I do have some extra details in the works, but that’s only when I have certain mediums of illustration I have mastered, or at least find it adequate and passable to sell. I will include rough sketches, clean sketches, grey scale and monochromatic illustrations, flat colors, both hard and soft shade works, and if I can do it properly, I may charge extra with added background of any kind. More details will comes when I post my “commission prices” up and even put up given examples of what they’ll look like and how much they’ll cost.

Again, even though I’ve been doing this for roughly ten years now, I’m still at an amateur’s quality of illustration. To most people, it’s not even worth buying, and I can see why. So, why am I even bothering opening commissions if I don’t feel I’m up to par? It’s simple, many have asked, many like how I do, and they are genuinely willing to buy off my stuff, and for that I am both grateful and honored.

In short, let me give you the “tl;dr” on what I mean. Next journal I post, commissions will be open. Don’t ask or tell me what you’d like until I say I’m open. Thank you guys so much, and I hope to still continue with this everlasting dream. Food and music may be my fuel, but you guys are my true motivators. ¡Hasta pronto! :peace:
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I figure it’s time to make an update after not posting these as much in a while. I know this is gonna be your usual “I got a lot of stuff going on” sort of deals, and I get that some of you are tired of hearing the same old crap. I’ll just tell you flat out.

I have been frequently lackadaisical these past few days, and my only excuse (as I’m sure most, even myself wouldn’t justify) is that I haven’t put the effort or drive as much to putting out and creating illustrations than when I use to, maybe due to the fact that I’ve been feeling paranoid, insecure, self-conscious, and all that other fear-centered buzzwords I could only describe. I’m still trying, but the heavy regret always sets in...You guys have been my biggest support for your likes or faves, watches or follows, even your comments, be it short and sweet, or lengthy and constructive, you guys make this worth while to where I want to do more with what I’ve been doing...but I felt like I’ve failed you through my own resistance and meandering surrender. You guys deserve better than this...

I’m not one for venting, especially when I myself usually see it as “complaining”, but I just wanted to let you know in case some of you (especially those who do care) that I am trying to get back to it, especially since I’m just weeks away from celebrating ten years since opening an account on here, thanks to my sister’s suggestion and recommendation to this site. Honestly, if I hadn’t find dA, I wouldn’t know where I’d be. Probably off doing something most would actually consider as actual “adulting”, but you get the gist of it.

I’m not asking guys you to wait for me while I make something, but I do implore you all to just take a look around and check out others who can draw and may or are doing better at this. Again, I’m sorry, but I thank you all dearly, from the bottom of my heart, to the depths of my soul. You all had a hand at making me do what I can and love to do.

That’s basically it, so until the next one or new posts, deuces, y te amo a todos~
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No, really, this is actually the first Journal of 2018, since my last one was back in early December, weeks before Christmas and New Years

Just to start things off, there’s not going to be a lot of updates, other than trying to get my lazy, self-conscious, insecure, perverted ass to get back to doing the one thing I first came to this site in the first place, and that’s drawing my ass off until I know or think I can do good. Until then, don’t expect a lot of activity from me, I’m usually Laissez-faire with what I do in life, but I really shouldn’t have to be.

Sorry for the brief journal, though I’m sure some of you are glad it ain’t an essay-long journal. Take care, and until then, deuces! :peace:
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There's no such thing as a fresh start for me anymore. You can either move on and improve, or keep it as it was last year. I use to claim about making “fresh starts” for the new year, but quite frankly, I've been ignorant in my goals and strides in the past year, stagnated and relegated to nothing more than total monotony and medioric pursuits in life after working a day job for a year

All I can do for the new year is improve myself for the better, hopefully in due time I'll be able to do something with my life, if I am abled and willing to do so...

What I will guarantee in the new year is new arts, though I will have to abandon offers of commissions and trades until I feel I'm competent to try again. And before you ask, I am not taking offers in doing designs or thumbnails for a while, as my doodle groove is slowly dying, such as my passion to illustrate. After looking back at some promises I've made in drawing something for someone, and going as far as wanting to animate something for some friends, I felt I've jumped the gun FAR too soon to where it'll bite me in the ass eventually...I'm done with Kiribans, no commissions and trades, for the love of all that's sane, do NOT ask me for goddamn requests. This goes out to those who don’t know when to take "NO" for an answer, to the new people who haven’t read about my refusal to take any at all. No more.

Alright, bitching over. In conclusion, no more "fresh starts", progress and improvements will be slow as always, and no more of these empty "jump the gun" promises. I guess you can call it a "resolution", but I’ve broken them plenty, so I wouldn't expect much change unless I'm actually willing to. Thanks for reading if you've actually taken the time, and until I post a new journal before the end of 2017, have a happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy, and safe new year.
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To make this first random announcement brief, I’m going to cut my list down on what I’ll draw in the foreseeable future, probably until Christmas or New Years, or as early as Thanksgiving.

Second announcement, for the time being until I announce it on here, I’m taking a hiatus on commissions. Don’t ask if you either don’t have the money, or you’re expecting a refusal. Furthermore, to anyone, please for the love of all that’s holy. Don’t ask me for trades, and DON’T ask me for requests or for me to draw you anything especially after I’ve refused.

Thirdly, I am thinking of drawing some suggested ideas the people have left in the comments on my poll, so don’t whine if yours wasn’t included.

That’s it for now, I’m gonna clean after my pets, and until next time, adios!
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As you already figured from my recent semi-activity that I've barely posted much, but I am working on that, even when I have a job where my breaks should be worth the time to do some. Don't expect much, but expect the unexpected, or just expect total disappointment on my part.

For those who haven't figured it out... I no longer, I repeat, NO LONGER do requests, anymore! Art trades I'll open on occasion, and commissions are on a sporadic basis, but I won't be taking any after I have some I owe others outside of this site, done. Thank you, and sorry.

One more thing...there will come a time where I'll have to upgrade from one OS to another, especially when I'm switching computers. When I have the money saved up, I'm switching from Windows to Mac, for some, I'm already assuming it would be a total downgrade, but I like Apple, even though it's been an ass for many, especially in the mobile department. But hopefully the transition will all be worth it until I realize it could be a mistake and could have switched to Windows 10 instead, but oh life, my choice, my fuckups...

That's basically it from me. Again, expect the unexpected, unless you want something different, that which I can't promise on entirely, and hope to hear from some of you, until then, adios.
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I've seen some recent posts from artists who are opposed the idea of having their OCs in other people's trades and commissions, why? It's simple, they were "never asked permission" or given the OK to it.

So the next time I'm asked to do a trade or commission that involves another artists' OCs, I'm gonna need an approval from them before anything else, so permission must be asked and hopefully granted. If they do not approve, then you'll have to think of something else. I'm sorry, but I want to respect their wishes until further notice.

That's is from me, I may be opening for more trades in the near future, but that's ONLY when I announce it. Until then, deuces! :peace:
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I'm gonna be taking a break from drawing for a while due to an incident from yesterday. I can't say what, specifically, all I know is that I just really need to take it easy for a while... I will get back to it whenever possible, and on a good note too since it's a three-day weekend.

That's pretty much it for now. Thanks for readying or skimming through. Until then, deuces!
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It has been a while since I've done any entries, I'm sure if it. So if you're wondering "Why the hell are you doing all this "Grim's Toy Show" fan arts all of a sudden?" Well, why not? I do like the show, plus I need something To help be get my doodle groove back and draw some more, and hopefully get some personal and collaborative pieces done.

Also, I feel like I've not been genuine with you guys in terms of frequent communications and all… Like I've not catches up with a majority of you due to my job and everything, but I'm sure it'll be alright since you also have school, work, or whatever personal stuff you're dealing with, I hope you guys are all alright, and I sincerely mean it. After I'm through with the GTS fan arts, I'll get back to doing more fan arts and maybe some original stuff, and maybe get back to some fan arts I've not done since there's a new season of a certain show I've not watched in a while, coming out.

That's basically it from me. I hope you all have a good day, and I'll try to keep in touch whether it be on here, Skype, Discord, or wherever I'm available to you at your most convenient. Until then, hearts and deuces. :peace:
In case you read this, I gave in... I gave in and created a Pixiv account since a majority of skilled and talented artists of any medium have moved or expanded to there. Don't expect any arts from me over there, as I often feel that Pixiv, much like Newgrounds, have this sort of stigma and certain standards in terms of what classifies as "art" to the users over there, and I honestly can't argue... So I'll just be a follower/watcher on there for the time being until my skills as an illustrator meet to "their" standards. Don't you fucking tell me what defines art to people on Pixiv, or who the fuck runs the site, because it's all subjective opinion in the end of it all. and that's all it fucking is, opinions, and nothing fucking more... Sorry, I got a tad bitter about it. I'll stop. ^^;

Now, I also made a Vidme account, mainly as an alternative to YouTube since the site itself is going downhill to the shitter, even if it is at a snail's pace. That's mostly it for now, again, don't expect much.

Here's the links to both my Pixiv and my Vidme in case you'd wanna know. Again, don't expect much from these two, it's just for you to check out till I actually do something with the two. So just be patient

That's pretty much it, thanks if you've read through it, even if it's just a few paragraphs, and until then, bye!
I wish to do more "original" works in the coming future, hopefully when starting 2017. At the moment, I wanted to post some more fan arts of parodies and crossovers in a matter of weeks before the year ends so that I could reach up to "6000" deviations. Yeah.

Another round of cliché, but sincerest gratitude. I want to thank those who have stuck by me, even when I haven't produced my best and "well drawn out" works in quite a while. You all have been the best people to come across, whether we've known each other or just got to know each other, whether I've progressed or have stagnated and became complacent, whether you like me or you don't, I just want to say thanks once more before the end of 2016.

Even though I am still in the middle of learning how to animate and/or study animation, I've said that I wanted to start, but have never made strides, nor promised any consistencies, and for that, I'm sorry; and no, I'm not counting some gifs that are just "2-framed" motion, you all deserve better.

Thats all I have to say here. Again, thank you so much, happy holidays, have a safe and enjoyable new year. And despite all the stupidity and tragedies that have happened throughout this year, I say we hope that the new year will bring some form of change and prosperity, because the best is yet to come in 2017 and onward.

Ok NOW I'm done. Take care everyone, until then, adios, and goodbye, 2016.
I still feel like I haven't refunded those who did pay and not received the commissions I cancelled due to time constraints and mental pressure. If there's anyone I haven't paid back after they did while not receiving their commission I cancelled, please let me know, and please don't tell me that I can keep the money, because, again, it's not fair to you and I'd feel like I've taken advantage of you, which is what I don't want for you and for my conscience.

i repeat, if you feel that you haven't receive your commission and have already paid up front, do let me know ASAP, because I have money still left over from months ago that I could and should have gotten done already. Thank you so much, and adios.
I'm still cautious, even though I hear a lot more good about it than I did with Picarto recently. I may plan on opening. When I announce a stream, I may stream on there instead. I'll let you know if anything. I may even have to resort to posting needless images announcing my stream since people would see that rather than a journal. >_>

So yeah, in case of a journal or image, make sure to be on the look out. That's it for now. Oh! And before you ask or say, no, I am not open for commissions, unless I say when I am. Alrighty, that's it. Until then, adios.
I can't do this anymore... I can't fulfill the promises I've made in terms of getting commissions finished up. I'm sorry. I want to cancel and reimburse those who have paid. I can't do anymore, especially with a job that takes most of my time and energy to put up with.

So, to those who have paid, let me know via note, remind me your emails, and I'll gladly pay you back after so much time and patience wasted. I feel like I've disrespected you in that manner and you all don't deserved that. For those who didn't paid, I'm sorry, but I have to cancel, I couldn't take it. I have my own stuff, as well as projects to work on.

If you guys are new and are coming for commissions, I'm afraid I'll have to cancel until next time. And I'm putting off any "specials" I had thought of planning, had I known about literal labor. Again, I'm sorry, I can't do this, and I don't want to make you guys wait any longer. I'm done, I'm giving refunds, and that's it. Thank you to those who have paid and got your commissions, and I'm also sorry you all had to wait as well for yours.

Just let me know who paid, your email, and I'll refund the moment I log on to PayPal. Thanks and sorry once more.
I'll be updating on who is still available for the $5 special I made a few months back. So here's who I still need to finish and whose I've haven't started yet.

Those I still owe that are still in progress:
  • DHK1989
  • Taren14
  • PunchieTheNeko
  • ToryJr24
  • SorcererLance
  • Jawslover1998
  • Kendell2

Those that I haven't started:
  • Wrytergirl
  • PendingStorm
  • LeoLion97
  • FoxyFriendBacklash
  • Khayos-Rave
  • Wandering-Dreams
  • WindyCityPuma

That is pretty much it so far, plus a few people have cancelled and I completely understand and sincerely apologize for not meeting the expected deadlines for you guys. I'll try to get through them as much as I can, I'd you feel I can't meet the deadline you expect me to meet, leave me a note and I'll immediately refund you the money you've paid.
Well, I'm finally off for the week, which means I gots more time to draw out some stuff I've been itching to put out since flipping March!

Expect a little bit of activity in here for while, and as usual, if you want to see lewds works, links to where I post them often are in the dA ID info. Right now I have to finish whatever commissions I owe, and if you believe you waited long enough, I will be more than happy to refund you guys for the troubles. I don't think I'll be doing any commissions till whenever I have an extended time off from whatever I have going. Thanks again, love you all, and adios!
I'm yet again, tagged to do another character meme thing. This time, by none other than Blaze150, regarding my OC, Jasmine Mofeta.

1. Where were you born?
- Los Angeles. West side, baby! ;)

2. What food do you hate the most?
- I hate gamy meat, blech!

3. Who or what was your first crush?
- Don't know, I wasn't too interested in boys at the moment, not even now. Though a lot of them are cute and a few have a crush on me, which is flattering.

4. Whens the first time you were paralyzed in fear?
- When I saw my dad, bloodied up in a wrestling match. It was scary to see him like that, even though it was all choreographed.

5. If you could live inside a video game, what game and why?
- Street Fighter Alpha 3, so I can fight my favorite fighter, Rainbow Mika. <3

6. Plants vs Zombies, are you a plant or a zombie?
- Plants, all the way!

7. It's the day of your wedding, what do you do?
- Elope!

8. Are you a cake person or do you think the cake is a lie and go for pie?
- Cakes to me never lie, for they are so delicious. X3

9. Are you an early bird or too lazy to get up till noon?
- I wanna be lazy, but I can't. <x(

10. Whats the worst thing you've ever had to wear?
- That one outfit that was one side black and the other side white. So ugly! XP

11. Your now the opposite gender, your thoughts?
- Let's go to the bathroom and see and feel the waste wash away like a dude!

12. What was the most embarrassing moment you had at work?
- Can't say for sure, other than the outfit I had to wear for an event, still yuck!

13. If you could punch someone and not get in trouble of any kind for it, who and why?
- My dad in a match, because it's in the ring and that's okay, and he says it's okay. ^^

14. Whats your favorite type of music?
- Jazz and Rock-n-Roll

15. If you could have any pet what would you get?
- I'd want an iguana. ^^

16. What was the best moment in your childhood?
- Seeing my dad wrestle for the first time when I was 5.

17. Whats your favorite go to drink?
- I don't usually recommend it, but since it's "my" go-to drink, I say sports drinks of any flavor. ^^

18. What was the worst haircut you've ever had?
- I remember having a Mohawk one time, that looked stupid, never doing that again.

19. Where would you like to go for summer vacation?
- To Tijuana, and see the best lucha in the northwest of Mexico!

20. Whats the one thing in the world you would love to own?
- My very own custom ladies' world title.

That's it, no more, no tags, no "don't tag back", that's it.
I will finish the rest of the commissions I owe to the people who have paid me. I probably still have some spots left for $5 specials in my last few journals. If I can get those completed, that would be awesome. For now, if you have waited for a long while and are not satiafied and want your money back, feel free to note me your email and I'll refund you the money you've sent for payment. I apologize for any and all inconveniences to you all. Despite having some real life stuff to deal with, it's still no excuse to keep you guys waiting for something you've paid for, and not yet received. If I am lucky next week, I will be available all week until Saturday for Spring Break, and I will finish whatever I owe, whenever possible.

Thanks so much for your patience. You've no idea how grateful I am for all of you. Until then, adios.
Another tag on this "8 Facts about my OC" thing again, this time, tagged by The-Rebel-Angel, and now this will feature Eddie Mofeta III. I am tossing the tag rules out the window, because I no longer have time or patience to do any.

  1. Eddie III is the youngest triplet, and the only male of the three.
  2. He's actually trained under three mentors before training under his father's tutelage.
  3. His debut match was an inter-gender match, against his dad's former mixed tag partner.
  4. He's currently dating Brittney, who's a professional boxer and a former women's boxing champion.
  5. His best friend is also his ex-girlfriend, Meagan, who often likes to play as the third wheel in his and Brittney's relationship.
  6. He's confirmed to be bisexual, but has a stronger interests in females.
  7. He is a huge fan of lucha libre, which was attributed to his grandfather having a career in lucha libre.
  8. He's also a fan of two wrestling themed animes, "Wanna Be The Strongest In The World" and "Kinnikuman".

And that is pretty much it. I will NOT be tagging anyone, unless you wanna take a shot at it yourselves. Sorry, no tags and no tag-backs. Thanks, and buh-bye.
I am sorry to the guys who've paid and have not received their commissions as of yet. I've opened this special in order to earn some money out of what I love doing. As time passed, I've gotten a lot more busy in life and now I can't make the time nor the care to finish what I have that's piling up over the last few months. Now I'm sure there may be a few of you that may understand, and I know there are others that do believe I'm wasting their time in doing something that could take me about a week or two at most to finish something. So, I would like to know if you guys want a refund for your commissions that I've either not completed, or have not started at all. Let me know, and I'll gladly pay you back. I'm terribly sorry for wasting all your time on something many would get done. Please understand that life can get the better of us, and I'm sure it's got the best out of most of you too. So, let me know if you're interested in your refund, or if you want me to continue. Thanks and sorry for making this journal a bit "tl;dr"
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