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Pinkie and the Twilight

Get it? 'Cause "Pinky" is like "Pinkie, only with a "y", and Twilight is kinda like, the "brain" of the group and stuff? Okay, so I made a crossover fan art, kill me. I gave them hands and paws insted of hooves cause... My drawing? Yeah, my drawing.

Pinky and the Brain (c) Warner Bros.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro, Inc.
Artby MysteryFanBoy
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© 2014 - 2021 MysteryFanBoy718
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I am here because of Season 8.
MysteryFanBoy718's avatar
Because of Maurice LaMarche, I get you. XD
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Heh heh nice crossover between MLP FIM and Pinky and The Brain.
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I can see "Brain" Twilight doing a Raven voice.
MysteryFanBoy718's avatar
Oh boy, I wonder how that would sound? XDDD
greeneyedgirl927's avatar
Like Raven from Teen Titans. Who else?
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Brain's newest plan to take over the world involves using little girls....and grown men, it seems.
MysteryFanBoy718's avatar
Somehow, I thought I'd kill childhood with something like this.
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LOL not at all!
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Pinkie: Gee Twi, what are we going to do today?

Twilight: The same thing we do every day Pinkie... Try to take over Equestria! 

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They're Pinkie, they're Pinkie and the Mane, Mane, Mane, Mane, Mane
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XD What a coincidence. You uploaded this just a few days after I found this.…
PunchieTheNeko's avatar
I'm glad you enjoyed that.
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Lol! I saw that one coming a light year away.
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Awesome, man! I love it!
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I dont think any one has made this joke yet, im serious how did no one think this up till now!
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I think they have, but they never thought of drawing this little illustrated crossover out.
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