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Ooh La La!

Looks like she's found her hunk. I wonder who it could be?

Fifi la Fume (c) Warner Bros.
Art (c) MysteryFanBoy
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Fifi spotted a petite skunk hunk!
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Me: *does the same expression* whoa your beautiful I heard your name is fifi isn’t it
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I got one name for alla y'all=
Hamton Jaye Pig!
(let the flamewars commence and the hatemail pour like rain!!!)

as always, awesome job on Acme Acres' Designated Sweetheart! (eat your heart out Babs! oh, and Julie & Minerva= you ain't got $#t on LaFume!) keep up the great work!
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found this through the song called "ooh la la", originally done by the faces, then redone by former member rod stewart as a solo artist

teh faces' version -…

rod stewart's solo version -…

and HERE is my attempt to take rod's vocal from his version & blend it with the faces' original version, and i hope you like it. -…
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Awwww!!! This is adorable!! :3
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Any kind of hunk she's been waiting for.
The heart thing is really funny since the Mask when Jim Carrey
saw the young Cameron Diaz. GREAT JOB, MY FRIEND!
You're welcome.
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You just got to love that skunkette.
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Oh, la la, indeed!
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eheh cute. and it's not me, oh no way it is not me
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Cute and beatfuil work
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is she talking to me?
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