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Fluttershy - Winds of September

Fluttershy is enjoying some Summer wind as it comes to a close, soon fall will be in the land and the leaves will fall, leading to a new Equestrian season of adventures for her and her friends.

The pose is partially inspired by one of my previous Twilight vectors and the mane, part of the face and lower part of the hooves were my own creation.

Please donate a few points to the cause, I am collecting points to help other bronies, thanks!!!

Dedicated to :iconcatastrophicguy: [link]

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Gebros's avatar
Hello,mind if I use it for a minimalist vector? I give proper credit.
Makenshi179's avatar
I used this vector on my PIRL :…
Thank you for your work! :D
Ttarakyu's avatar
Hi, did KawaiiBreebutt ask permission to recolor? btw it's this one:
ForestRainMedia's avatar
Hey, just thought I'd say that your vector was used for my song, and was featured on EqD! ^.^…
TomFraggle's avatar
This looks really great! :+fav:
MysteriousKaos's avatar
Well, if proper credit is given, yes, also do not copy mane and tail, as it will make the deviation look bad and cheap, what software do you plan to use?
Cyndergirl211's avatar
I can't remember what happend in september (Love that song :3. Great vector!)
JFPlayeR34's avatar
Used and credited here: [link]
KaleneStar's avatar
It is nice:) but her hair is a bit disheveled.
FlutterDash75's avatar
Hello,Im going to use this vector,Thank you much^^
SonicBreakbeat's avatar
Used in this: [link]
If you don't mind ^^
MysteriousKaos's avatar
Don't mind at all, you did well, credit is all I need, thanks!!!
Patrikov909's avatar
Fluttershy: Ooooh what a breeze!

Me: Goddamn it, it's freezing!!!
StarShineTheAlicorn's avatar
I traced over this for my OC here.
I hope you're OK with this.I'll delete this if I need to
nyrrus's avatar
scuse mee this person stole your artwork c: [link]
MysteriousKaos's avatar
Thank you for the response, if you don't mind go ahead and contact this person and tell him/her to credit me, if that doesn't happen, message me back
nyrrus's avatar
TheMusicBrony's avatar
I used this MOST EXCELLENT Of All fluttershy Vectors here! :D

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