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Shallur Commission

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Commission for :iconshallur:Heart Heart 

Hope you like the way it came out.
Thank you for comissioning dear, it is always a pleasure to work on your characters Huggle! Huggle! Huggle! Huggle! 
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Thank you so much for drawing this lovely picture of our characters. Just the other day Shally and I were talking about how you have this special knack for catching the soul & feelings in your subjects. Idk how you do it but you really have an eye and skill with something special there. You’ve never disappointed me with how beautifully you can convey the love and emotions in your art. It’s an honor and a thrill to ever get a piece by you. I hope life is treating you well, stay safe out there <3

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Oh guys, why are you all so nice to me? I couldn't even imagine that there would be someone who still remembers me :hug:
This always was and will always be a honor to be commissioned by all of you guys.
You are so united and caring to each other, I wish many more people had such nice friends as you!
Your deacriptions for commishes are always so deep in emotions, they just naturally come from your heart so I can feel them as clrearly as I am you! Maybe that is the reason I manage to show them through my art, I don't really now but I think so.

Your warm words make my heart sing. :heart:
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Aw Haru. How I've missed you, and your art. As usually you capture feelings and the emotions perfectly. My friend, and sister, and me really needed this! Thank you so much! :smooch:
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Absolutely gorgeous. :heart: