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despite the fact that i thought things were going to be ok, it seems as though they wont be. things just keep getting worse around here with my family. im in shock, im scared, i feel so many things. i haven't really been in the mood to look thru people's deviations, or go thru my messages. i hope things will eventually work out, and that things will eventually be ok for me and my bf and my family. :iconineedaglompplz: so im sorry for not really being responsive this last week. i'll try to get thru my messages and the deviations. i appreciate everyones support. it means so much to me.
this week i want to do a feature on the zodiac libra tag libra by Ilrell , which is my astrology sign. i will be 22 on the 14th, even though im not looking forward to it because i wont really be able to do anything since i cant spend money. but i found all these beautiful deviations regarding the zodiac libra, so i wanted to feature them, and here it is. i hope everyone enjoys :iconsomehugsplz:
:thumb137489780: :thumb137146297: :thumb137010406: :thumb135615561: Libra The Bearer of Scales by ZomgDae Libra by LorenzoDiMauro Zodiac Warrior: Libra by Epscillion Zodiac photoshoot: The scales by nekomiKasai Libra by airamftv libra by zila-b Zodiac Series: Libra by ayafreya Libra by MeganLeeRetouching :thumb132917716: Zodiac Series: Libra, by lizjowen :thumb130919253: :thumb130459569: Libra NEW by Emmikins Zodiac: Libra by DoctorRy :thumb129808106: Libra by SilverScorpio17 :thumb128376027: :thumb127607599: Libra - The Scales by NrgRush Zodiac: Libra by Transypoo :thumb127240192: Astrology Series - Libra by feiyan Libra by M16Tronaz :thumb90146924: libra by deathwithab Libra by godofwar Libra by yuuyami-artist Zodiac - Libra by Ellygator :thumb123679634: The Libra by subaru01rins Sailor Libra by Emmikins Libra by ramworship Libra by jajaneko Libra by AbelPortillo Libra by ScartletV Libra_2004 by ScartletV Zodiac, Libra v1 by karo-design Libra by zaroen02 Libra eye by ftourini Libra by MuJushin Libra by Mitternacht-wunsch Libra by SoDoXa Tree of Libra by FISHBOT1337

Mature Content

Zodiac: Libra by Random-EXplosion
Libra by MariJoSDesign Zodiac Sign Tattoo : Libra by MPtribe :thumb109068756: Heart Libra by AlexBlood Libra by Magica-28 Libra by FeathersoftheRuin -Libra- by Eternal-Salvation Libra by rofellos Libra by hollyelizabethjean Libra by geminibaby Libra's moon by Gigicom

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Thanks for the feature mate..
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thank you so much for featured :hug: I'm very grateful :hug:
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thanks for the featured
glad you like it!
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Happy, Happy Birthday to my DA friend!!! I hope you are doing fine today and that all of your birthday wishes come true!
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thank you very much :iconsuperglompplz:
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Thank you hun for the feature.

I love libra (its my star sign) yep my birthday is in a few days. I am honored to be included in the list

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ur very welcome :iconsomehugsplz:
and happy birthday :iconhuggleplz: (sorry if im late)
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never to late to wish someone happy birthday... and thank you
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Awesome feature. Guess because I am a libra too. Happy late birthday.
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thank you :D when's ur birthday?
btw ur not late. i dont turn 22 for another 2 weeks ;P lol
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Oh. Mine was on the 26th of September.
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well happy belated birthday :)
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Beautiful feature! Thank you for including mine:heart: I feel honoured! :hug:
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u r most welcome dear :D
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Thanks so much for the feature!! Put a great, big smile on my face :D
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w0w!awesome...thanks for the feature!!really appreciated it much!and hope things going on in your life will be ok now.. thanks much really!! :hug:
mysteriousfantasy's avatar
ur welcome :iconflowersplz:
and thank you :)
Thanks for the feature, was most unexpected. Also feel pretty chuffed as some of the devs in this selection are amazing and I feel mine is not quite of the same standard.

P.S happy 22nd for the 14th I'll remember to drop back around that timew as my 23rd is two days before.
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