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Background Texture Dark

By MyStarkey
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This is for Gilda Stock. A dark version of her journal background. I made it a 512 x 512 repeatable texture.

Should look good and not interfere with light colored text.
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I love it, very nice!
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It is the most popular of all the texture maps. It's very versatile. Have fun with it. Let me know what you make of it.
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Mind that i use this for the backing of my new pic?
all rights go 2 use, of course~ :3
its dark and beautiful- exactly what i need
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Sorry to be so late getting back to you. Sure, go for it. Let me know how it turns out. Post a screen capture or picture. Thanks loads! :hug:
Would love to use as background on Christian CD. Will give you full credit, if you have no objections. Thank you it's really beautiful.
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No problem, use away. It's a manipulation from a bit of Dover (copyright free) art. So it's free, free, free. I just made it repeatable. You shouldn't get into trouble of any kind if you use it. I don't even need credit as far as that goes. Have fun.
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am using it for my cell phone theme.. ill upload it on my account... hope you don't mind...
its juz a beautiful ..piece!!

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You are welcome to it. It was originally a bit of wallpaper design from a Dover Publication. Dover Books have these great copy right free images you can use. I modified (extensively) it to use as a background that would be interesting but not interfere with words or pictures on top of it. I also made it a repeatable tile. It should be seamless.

I'm so glad you like it. And you are right, it will make a great image for cell phones.
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thank you very much
am glad you agreed to it
:hug: you are awesome!!!
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I used this as a texture on the cloak here [link] This is such a lovely texture I would have never guessed that it was created I thought that it was an actual victorian style print on fabric or wallpaper. I do hope that it was okay to use as I did run across this in the stock section. If not please let me know and I will change the deviation.
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You may use the image, it's a freebie. It's actually a manipulated image from a Dover 'clip art' book featuring Victorian wall patterns. I worked on it extensively to make a good repeatable pattern, then made a dark and light version. It was a lot of fun and other artists like them. I believe I should make a separate account on DA just for textures.

Your link dosen't work, could you resend it to me. I would like to see what you did with it. Enjoy
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Oooo I think htat you should open another account for just your texture/patterns as they are very lovely and such a wonderful and useful resource. Sorry about the bad link so here is one that works.... I hope [link]
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Awesome job. I am going to try and use this as a background for an image. I know it'll look great behind the image. I will give you full credit, and I have already faved this. You did a great job repeating the same texture over and over, and actually, I think this can be used by anyone? If so, then I will not use it for profit, nor will I take credit for it. I think it will look behind a Orochimaru render I did, and I thought to let you know this. :) Well, I think that's about it. If I keep typing, I may make a book. :P
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Fabulous! Thanks for that :D
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