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Leopard iColorFolder skin

By Myssynen
Here's mac leopard skins for iColorFolder. Made with photoshop and reshacker. Hope you like the colors.

Comments are welcome as usual :)

1. Browse your icolorfolder installation directory (should be: C:\Program Files\iColorFolder)
2. Extract folders inside rar-file and put it in the skin folder inside iColorFolder folder.
3. Launch the iColorFolder skin selector and enjoy :)

Original folder icon copyrighted by Apple Computers.

Added 19.2.2008 new skin. More realistic colors and better quality
© 2007 - 2021 Myssynen
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How do you download?
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It's great. May you made "icon folder in win10" for icolorfolder? I try to contact to KemenAran (developer's icolor folder) but he stoped this software and I can't found his email :(
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Awesome! Thanks!! :D
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Sorry totally new at this stuff.. How can I use these as folders on my mac? Thank you
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Great work!! ;)
It works for me in W7 Pro, but, it's possible to enlarge the folder image as in default W7 folders?

Thx! ;)
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I don't have no clue... I really think it's not possibe ;)
Because icon size on win xp is limited and i used that to create this pack.
Thx anyway! ;)
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i like it! but how do you get the folders to change colors? i right click and it doesnt say icolor.
im running win7 in xp mode.
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I heard that there is compatibly issues with icolorfolder with win7, so i really cannot help you.
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ok. i will research it.
maybe it is because win7 has two program files directories, and icolor only works in program files (opposed to program files x86), where the hardware drivers and such are...

if you find anything, let me know...
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Hey I dont know if you can help me out but when I select your skin from the Icolorfolder application, it always sets the icons to blue. No matter what color I select. Do I have to change anything to get the folder icons to the color I want?
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Are you sure that you have installed icolor folder to os, what is supporting that? Im using xp and don't know is this working with vista or 7. After istalling you don't need to to anything special. Just select folder colour and it changes.
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Well I am using 7 and I downloaded and merged the fix for windows 7 x64. I still don't see the option to change the color when I right click. In XP, I know that when you right click, you have the option to change the color.
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Looks like iColorfolder dosn't work on win 7 at this time. Maybe in future... :)
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Its weird tho, normally they appear blue but when I place shortcuts or browse through directories, they appear pink. O well, gotta live with what you get. Thanks anyways!
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