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Starfighter: Release :iconmyshkamoya:myshkamoya 0 0
Starfighter: Release
Chapter 2: Alive
(Aleks’ POV)
There is light.
Then, there isn’t.
Voices come and go like tides.
Too loud.
Everything’s so painful.
I’m falling.
My head hurts so fucking bad.
It feels like it’s being beaten with a hammer.
And I’m cold. So cold.
“Aleks? Aleks, Scheiße, Scheiße, Scheiße! Kannst du mich hören?“
   „Aleks? Aleks, shit, shit, shit! Can you hear me?“
That voice is so familiar. So warm and comforting despite of its panicky edge.
I try to open my eyes and moan against the blinding brightness surrounding me.
“Switch off the fucking lights for god’s sake!” the voice growls. Then it’s dark again and the bright white agony between my temples reduces to a dull throbbing.
Still painful, but bearable.
“Saaaah …”
The broken sound of my own voice makes me whimper.
Something wraps around my hand.
Calloused fingers.
:iconmyshkamoya:myshkamoya 3 0
Egghead Sherlock: The Experiment by myshkamoya Egghead Sherlock: The Experiment :iconmyshkamoya:myshkamoya 9 0
Starfighter: Release

Chapter 1: Once

(Sacha’s POV)
„Geez! Don’t be ridiculous, of course we’re going.” With a deep sigh Ethan runs his finger down my chest, straightening the fabric of my plain white shirt with his palms. “I bet you’d look twice as sexy if you wore that tie my Mom gave you last Christmas.”
I raise an eyebrow at that. “Don’t try to change subject, Princess. I’m dead-serious about this.”
“Same here,” Ethan sighs again. It’s a discussion he’d rather not have. And, fuck, neither do I. I wish he’d just stop nagging me about it, but then I already know he won’t. If he wants to, he can be really fucking stubborn. Guess, he’s had a good teacher in me. Says: “Listen, Sacha, it’s been – what? Seven months? Eight? – since you last saw Aleks. He’s your closest friend and I know you’ve been missing him, no matter how hard you try to preten
:iconmyshkamoya:myshkamoya 5 0
Starfighter: Rejected
When he opens the hatch to the storage unit, he doesn’t really expect to find Cain in here. But he has literally been searching the whole ship and simply doesn’t know any other places to look for him anymore. Still, he is slightly taken aback when he spots the other fighter crouching with his back slumped against the opposite wall of the cramped space, his legs drawn up to his chest, his chin resting on top of his knees.
He can’t see Cain’s face, because the other man keeps it buried into his arms. But for a split-second he’s almost sure that he is crying.
Which, of course, he is not.
Or is he?
Deimos can’t tell for sure, and it makes him feel strangely uncomfortable. No, not really uncomfortable; insecure, rather. He can handle a Cain that is seething with rage, a Cain that is taking it out on Deimos just because it makes him feel better – more in control.
What he can’t deal with is this.
Devastated Cain.
He takes in a silent breath.
:iconmyshkamoya:myshkamoya 8 4



... there's anyone out there, interested in a Starfighter Fanfiction Group.

Shouldn't there be a place all those beautiful fics are treasured and loved? A place for everyone on dA who's yearning for something to kill time with, until Hamlet provides us with a brilliant new page?

I'd really love to hear your opinion ...


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