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The Curse Of The Darkness
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(Iwill bring the light back to my people)


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(Iwill bring the light back to my people)


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Five Nights at Freddys

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FNAF Bonnie and Violina

FNAF Bonnie x Violina

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Cooking With Jason


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(Iwill bring the light back to my people)


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Corspe Bride


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kevin and my oc Allison

Kevin and Allison

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A Lullaby For A Princess

My little Pony

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Fem Pennywise Cosplay


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Robin and Starfire Request

Teen Titians

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Roxas and Sora (Kingdom Of Hearts)

Kingdom Hearts

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Rowdy Ruff Boys


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Kyra's Wedding Day (GIFT)

OC Requests and Other Requests

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Turning you over to the dark side(Aria Night/Sid)

Hey Arnold

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Black Butler

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Icon design

ICON Requests

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The BlackHeart Twins (Bondage)

Black Butler OCs

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Revenge On The Pain

"Revenge On The Pain" Characters Featured: Landon BlackHeart and Lusion BlackHeart The time was around midnight and the woods were darkened, two cloaked figured walked through the wooded area. They were quiet and their hoods up as they walked through the foggy pathway... Soon the two dark figures reached a small clearing where a blackened large mansion stood it was old and worn as if no one touched it in years and the windows were dirty and cracked some, soon one of the figures removed their hood revealing a young man with long white hair with velvet lavender bangs his right eye covered by his bangs while the other was a deep rasberry colo

Black Butler Game

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Ask Sebby Q:8

Ask Sebastian Page

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Fox girl and Cat girl adopts


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Ask Vincent and Ashton Q:1

Ask Vincent and Ashton

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Awesome adoptable I've adopted

Cuties I've adopted

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(Princely Academy) Ch.2 Part 2

(Princely Academy) Ch.2 Part 2 (Next morning Saturday morning) Kendell walked upstairs and peeked into Vincent's room "Vincent, how are you feeling?" asked Kendell Vincent moaned and peeked out of his bed sheets "Ugggggg" "I figured you want something to eat?" she asked "Noooo" he answered sickly then there was a knock at the door, Kendell went downstairs to answer and say it was Cynder "Hello Cynder what brings you by?" asked Kendell "Hello dean Kendell I wanted to see if Vincent wanted to go to the fair tonight with me" Cynder answered with a smile "Oh that sounds so nice, but I'm afraid Vincent got into liquor lastnight and now is exper

Princely Academy

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Linea Michaelis (chibi form)

Chibi couples and OCs

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Ask Linea Michaelis Q:5


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Ask My OCs

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Ask The BlackHeart Twins

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(A Doctor's Wish) Ch.1 Part 1

A Doctor's Wish time era (1890's) chapter 1 (Part 1) My name is Paige Grandin, and I was assigned to tend to be the companion helper to Dr. Pence I took a boat from my home town in Ireland to the big city of London oh sure I've heard of the place and have been there once as a child but that was a long time ago. Anyways it was about four in the afternoon when I finally reached London and oh my word how lovely it was I got off the boat and looked around at the sites, there I was met with a tall man in a dark suit "Ah, you must be miss Grandin, yes Dr. Pence is expecting you may I take your bag?" the man asked "Oh umm well sure thank you" I s

A Doctors Wish

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You're Perfect To Me (NathanielxPaisley)

NathanielxPaisley my Miraculous ladybug ship

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Whoops! (RynorXTweek)

South Park

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Mpreg Gypsies


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You make my heart skip a beat (Lexi x Andy)

The Breakfast Club

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Ask The Losers Club Dare 1

Ask The Losers

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Resting Peacefully Redraw


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Family Life (Darian x Jason) Redraw


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Cooking With Jason Ep. 2 part 2

Cooking With Jason

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