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What if~ Zootopia High School



For a contest (closed) in the group :iconzootopiafanart: : What if?

What if... Nick and Judy ended up in the same high school in Zootopia? They are about the same age (Maybe Nick a year or two older) 

Judy came from Bunny Borrow, but schools in Zootopia to have a higher education in order to achieve her dream as a Police Officer, the first bunny cop. She aimed to be the top of her class! (its called valedictorian right?) 

On her first day, she stumbled upon a fox named Nick Wilde, who grows up in Zootopia. Her friends told her that he is one of the "cool kids" in school. That didn't impress Judy, she saw him hanging his friends who are known to be the big bullies. But to to her surprise, she soon found out that he is the top student in Calculus class! (maybe because one of foxes traits is that they are very clever...)

Judy struggles a lot in calculus, numbers are just somehow not her forte. Nick saw this, and wondered how could a dumb bunny managed to get into this class anyway? 

She needs help. Maybe from that fox... maybe if she ask him to give her some tutoring....

.... he denied though Judy is not giving up. Somehow she blackmail and teasing him into helped her. They spent their time in the library. Nick was oddly patient if she doesn't understand the maths. He kept repeating and repeating until she gets it. After weeks of doing this, they both eventually became close friends. He even waited for Judy outside the library for her. A question hit him, "wait... how did I ended up doing this? Why do I want to help her?" but he shakes that off before she noticed.

And each time they met, Judy starts to find out more and more about him and his life. One day, he told her the only reason why he is in high school is to just get passing grades, I mean, how many foxes do you know ends high school and gets to go to college? Almost none! They all ended up getting local jobs and settle instead. He wants to take the easy way in life. He also had some childhood trauma in the past, be he never told this to her. Because that is the main reason why he ends up being what he is suppose to be... sly... shifty... fox. 

Though Judy disagrees on his opinion, she wants to tell him that in Zootopia, he can be anything that he wanted to be. And she believes in him.
"You are more than that Nick
Inspired by a fanfiction called "Boys Like You" , it was pretty cool story. I kinda changed a bit of its context though, to make things short. Here's the fanfic :…
Call this art a tribute to the story if you like :)

Sorry if my english isn't good/ grammar wrong. I'm not a native English speaker, its only my second language. :( 

I don't know about in other countries like in America, but here we called 'Calculus' as 'Additional Mathematics' (or Add Maths for short) I guess they're both its about the same? idk. 

The uniform (England) , and integration working (Add Maths). 

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Shes like me. Good at multiplying, bad at everything else related to math. XD